Dispatches No. 501

Dear Members,

Maritime Champions Club-  69 506  as of today.

Please check your latest status and make sure we have your most up to date number of crew changes.


Being a member of InterManager should bring benefits to your organisation – why otherwise to be a member?

Therefore please find below an exclusive offer for you:

Safety at Sea is the world’s only dedicated monthly maritime safety magazine, packed with vessel-critical information, presented in an engaging and accessible way to capture the attention of your crew. We would like to extend a special offer to InterManager members for an annual Fleet Subscription, click the following link and fill out the form, one of our sales specialists will be in touch. http://unbouncepages.com/safetyatsea-intermanager/



CrewConnect Europe Virtual conference is taking place next week – 15-16 Sept, online.

We are looking forward to a great virtual event with a lot of really interesting topics, delivered by some of the most impressive people in crewing.


To say thank you to all our supporting associations that have done such amazing work for seafarers this year, organisers would like to offer you up to 5 complimentary passes to event our members.If you are interested please get in touch with [email protected]



Members are kindly requested to have their say about the future of the ship Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI). As part of the study we are carrying out a survey on how the EEDI framework has improved energy efficiency in new ships.


The survey includes questions on:


  1. Perception of EEDI
  2. How attained EEDI has been improved and how it may be improved further
  3. Minimum safe power
  4. Future options for the framework


Technical questions regarding how attained EEDI has been improved will try to gauge uptake of specific design and technical choices (such as engine derating and aft ship type energy saving devices), however only shipyards, ship designers, ship owners, ship management companies, ship brokers and tank testing institutes will be asked these additional questions.


In all cases the survey should take around 10 minutes or less to complete.


The survey may be accessed here. If your email does not support hyperlinks, you may access the survey at this address https://arcsilea.typeform.com/to/ROonukaW




InterManager continues to fight for freedom of Capt. Lasota, imprisoned in Mexico

Please read latest article https://safetyatsea.net/news/2020/calls-to-free-captain-facing-20-years-in-mexican-prison-on-drug-trafficking-charges/





Pooling resources for crew changes – message from last Wednesday:


Message No.67

Dear Members


We have received two pretty solid protocols. For Crew Changes in Angola – please find them below for your conveniance:


Please also find a message from Maldives – should you be looking for crew changes there



Angola 1.


Dear Kuba,


We have followed and implemented the Angolan protocol. This consists on using a pre-approved Hotel facility by Minsa ( Minsitry of Health). Requirement impose 14 day quarantine in this hotel and MINSA takes care of testing of seafarers to PCR test within hotel facilities. Seafarers are also having their temperature checked twice a day. They are not allowed to step out of the room so condition of quarantine are difficult to accept.

Offsigners must directly reach the airport from vessel


In regards to travelling, we are using a corridor flight scheduled out of Paris once or twice a month. All joiners to reach Paris within 24 hours of thie charter flight departure. In the last charter flights departed on 25/08, the Joint companies have secured 103 seats.


The point of contact we have set up is with Bourbon offshore in charge of the charter flights


Best Regards,


Jerome Balay

General Manager – V.Ships, Crew Management

Tel : + 33 2 28093420

Mob : + 33 6 7380 5737

Entry Requirements



Angola 2



1-Authorization by Angolan health authorities to enter Angola

2-Hotel reservation approved by Minsa

3-Covid19 test with less than 72h


Luanda’s borders are still closed.  Exceptions are made for the entry and exit of essential workers. All air passengers arriving in Angola are required to have taken a coronavirus PCR test in the 72 hours prior to their arrival in Angola. You should carry proof of your negative test result with you. All air passengers arriving in Angola will need to undertake 14 days of compulsory quarantine in a government facility or in a government-approved hotel (the latter at your own expense).  The Angolan authorities will release you from quarantine once you have tested negative for coronavirus. You must spend at least 7 days in quarantine before being tested.



The following commercial flights are operating to LAD;


Air France


The following route would require a Schengen visa.

Filipinos require an Airport Transit Visa to transit Paris CDG Airport.  It can be applied for online and costs around $90  https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en_US/web/france-visas/

The following health declaration form is required for transiting Amsterdam https://www.schiphol.nl/healthdeclaration and this one for transiting Paris https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/Actualites/L-actu-du-Ministere/Deconfinement-Declaration-de-deplacement


Seg No Airline Flight Number Date From Destination Departure Arrival Flying Time Stops Aircraft Type
1 KLM KL876 Tue 22-Sep-20 Ninoy Aquino Intl, Manila
from Terminal 3.  Touchdown in Bangkok.
Schiphol Arpt, Amsterdam
arrive Terminal Main
Tue 20:05 Wed 06:45 16 h 40 m 1 Boeing 777-300ER
2 Air France AF1741 Wed 23-Sep-20 Schiphol Arpt, Amsterdam
from Terminal Main
Charles De Gaulle Intl Arpt, Paris
arrive Terminal 2F
Wed 14:40 Wed 16:00 1 h 20 m 0 Airbus Industrie A319
3 Air France AF928 Wed 23-Sep-20 Charles De Gaulle Intl Arpt, Paris
from Terminal 2E
Four De Fevereiro Arpt, Angola
arrive Terminal Main
Wed 21:55 Thu 05:15 8 h 20 m 0 Airbus Industrie A330-200



Ethiopian Airlines 


Seg No Airline Flight Number Date From Destination Departure Arrival Flying Time Stops Aircraft Type
1 Ethiopian Air ET645 Sun 20-Sep-20 Ninoy Aquino Intl, Manila
from Terminal Main.  Touchdown in Hong Kong.
Bole Airport, Addis Ababa
arrive Terminal Main
Sun 15:55 Mon 01:15 14 h 20 m 1 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
2 Ethiopian Air ET851 Mon 21-Sep-20 Bole Airport, Addis Ababa
from Terminal 2
Four De Fevereiro Arpt, Angola
arrive Terminal Main
Mon 09:40 Mon 12:50 5 h 10 m 0 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner


Passengers in transit in Addis Ababa are exempt from quarantine.



Air Portugal  


The following route would require a UK visa, unless they have a Seaman’s book issued in a specific country*

Due to the flight schedules, an overnight is required.  They would need to enter Portugal in order to overnight in a hotel, which would require a visa.


Seg No Airline Flight Number Date From Destination Departure Arrival Flying Time Aircraft Type
1 Philippine PR720 Mon 21-Sep-20 Ninoy Aquino Intl, Manila
from Terminal 1
Heathrow, London
arrive Terminal 2
Mon 08:10 Mon 15:10 14 h 00 m Airbus Industrie A350
Split tickets in Heathrow – UK visa would be required to transit, unless they have a seaman’s book issued in a specific country *
2 Air Portugal TP1357 Tue 22-Sep-20 Heathrow, London
from Terminal 2
Lisboa, Lisbon
arrive Terminal 1
Tue 18:45 Tue 21:25 2 h 40 m Airbus Industrie A320-212
Overnight in Lisbon – A visa would be required to exit the airport to spend the night in a hotel
3 Air Portugal TP289 Wed 23-Sep-20 Lisboa, Lisbon
from Terminal 1
Four De Fevereiro Arpt, Angola
arrive Terminal Main
Wed 13:55 Wed 21:30 7 h 35 m Airbus A330-900neo



I hope this information is useful.



Kind Regards,


Karyn Getty
Supervisor Marine Division
Clyde Travel Management

t: +44 141 427 6500

e: [email protected]

w: www.clydetravel.com





Dear Sir,


Due to COVID-19 while many of the countries are closed for CREW CHANGE services, despite which MALDIVES is among  one of the few countries open for this service.


Please find attached our Company profile & Useful Port information further to following Portfolio of our services;


Maicon Shipping Pvt Ltd with its skilled staff, is competent to assist all kinds of ships in any part of the Maldives.
Our expertise in the shipping business allows us to get port agency services all around the country with the highest standards.

We recognize that, our clients operate in different field of the shipping chain, and our products and delivery have been tailored to meet Your specific requirements whether you are: Charterer, Operator, Owner, Manager, Trader, International Logistics provider, International Security provider


We are specialized in ship agency and protective agency services, ensuring that our principal’s interests are well taken care of.




  • Arranging Pilot booking & movements
  • Ship berthing arrangements
  • Inward and outward clearance
  • Ship to ship transfers
  • Fuel Bunkering
  • Fresh water Supply
  • Sea and air freight cargo clearance
  • Cargo delivery service
  • Ships spare delivery
  • Provisions supply
  • Crew Change to anchorage and along-side
  • Crew sign on & sign off
  • Hotel and resort booking
  • Air ticket booking
  • Airport handling
  • Arranging sea and air transportation
  • Visa extension
  • Medical assistance
  • Technical support
  • Ship Chartering
  • Internet and communication
  • Courier service
  • Maritime Services
  • Bunkering & Ship Chandler Service
  • Arranging Hotel and Food
  • Booking Ticket




We also supply full yacht agency assistance, support and advice to owners and captains ensuring that they yacht is being maintained, operated and administrated to the highest possible standards in each part of Maldives. Our experienced team provides a first-class service, based on personal attention and accurate timely communication and assistance.



Maicon Shipping offers a dependable ship crew change service, which guarantees a smooth embarking and disembarking of crews from vessels/ ships at required and expected places in a timely manner.

Crew off sign and on sign Starts when our well-resourced team; welcomes your good crew at the airport/port, assist with customs, immigration formalities and visa matters, transport your crew, lodge your crew in a hotel.

All these are done by our team of expert and come with cost effective price. Our customers and other economic stakeholders get the full value for investing in our service.


Thanks to our deep knowledge of the local markets we are able to achieve quick vessel turnaround, minimum delays and cost-effective process.


We render all services required by vessel owners, securing all operations while the vessel is in port and ensuring that those services are delivered in an efficient and cost cautions manner.





Best Regards


MAICON SHIPPING PVT. LTD ( Ship Agency Service )   M. Shining Star – 7 FL- 701 | Fulooniyaa Magu | 20323 – Male’  | Rep of Maldives | Mobile: +960 999 3805 , +960 999 6777, +960 7558084 | Tel: +960 333 3844 | Fax:  +960 3304704  | EMail: [email protected][email protected],    [email protected]Web: www.maiconshipping.com


Message No. 66


Dear Members


Please find attached excellent documents provided by:


  • ICS & WHO for 6 September 2020. 
  • Intertanko have revised their outbreak mangement plan as attached at Annex 1


Please get in touch for the documents mentioned above


Last week:

Working on COVID-19
Working on Enclosed Space Death project


This Week:

Working on COVID-19
Working on Enclosed Space Death project
Maritime Champions Club



Looking forward:

ITIC, in association with InterManager, is delighted to invite you to its webinar – Protecting the ship manager: ITIC discusses current claims trends and loss prevention advice– on Wednesday 30th September at 10:00 (London).

ITIC has provided insurance to ship managers for over 25 years and currently insures over 300 companies offering ship management services globally. As such, the team at ITIC has a deep understanding of both the risks faced by ship managers and the delicate balance of the commercial relationship with their clients.

Speakers Charlotte Kirk, and Robert Hodge, will provide their insight on the types of claims faced and to how to avoid or minimise such liabilities.

Topics will include:

  1. Increased owner costs arising from COVID-19
    ii.             Virtual Robbery – business emailand invoice fraud
    iii.            Claims against the manager when ships are returned to the owner

For further information, or to register your interest, please e-mail [email protected].




Capt. Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General


Mob: +44 7624 498 266

e-mail: [email protected]

web: www.intermanager.org


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