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Dear Members,

Maritime Champions Club-  42 858  as of today.

Some of our members are already using this company and are “singing praises”, and reference list speaks volumes.

I have contacted them and EM&I are willing to provide a free of charge webinar for our members here are the dates 5,6,7 or 10,11,12 August. Please advise which date would be easiest using this link – you can use multiple dates and we will chose the most popular one. Please pass this on to your most appropriate team and ask for participation.


To choose the dates click here: http://etc.ch/FXMu



And here is the article explaining what and how they do things:

http://83a7383a5e33475eed0e-e819cda5edf0a946af164bb0b2f2ae3c.r0.cf1.rackcdn.com/DEJJunJul2020ewd.pdf   check page No. 12

and short video:




Please check your latest status and make sure we have your most up to date number of crew changes.


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Please find below messages regarding Pooling Resources for Crew Changes sent to our members since last Wednesday:

Message No. 42

Here is the latest update regarding recent changes and opportunities for those who are seriously thinking of changing their crews:



Please find below, an urgent update from Mr. Michael Phoon with regards to the crew change situation in Singapore.


This is another  urgent and pressing reminder and advisory on the matter of Non Compliance for Crew Change in Singapore.

Further to my previous update dated 16 July 2020 (as attached), we have been made aware that in the past week, there are fresh cases of crew arriving in Singapore with COVID-19 symptoms which they eventually been tested positive.

Alarmingly the crews, upon arrival,  projected severe high temperatures, which also prompted further actions in contact tracing.  This has led to some  15~20 other persons having to be contacted/quarantined for further checks.

There is a clear and present pattern whereby seafarers (individually) and crew & manning operators/companies, are not seriously taking the protocol of self-imposed isolation (minimal of 14 days) when being rostered for crew change.

With the crews possessing smartphones, it is not a high bar to set, or a difficult process,  to get crew & manning operators/companies to exercise rigour and due diligence in ensuring the rostered crews are indeed observing a self-isolation period.

We are once again providing a Stay Home Notice (see attached pdf) issued by MoH that lays out what is expected when a person has to undergo a self-isolation period.  This will serve as a guide in the event that the seafarer, or the crew & manning companies do not know what is expected.

As such, I would like to impress upon on the following:

  • All companies who have full and direct control of their crewing and manning matters are to ensure that they are able to demonstrate that the procedures and especially the SHN-procedures are adhered to in the crew country of origin. Companies must also be able to demonstrate that they have fully briefed their crew, agents etc on the Singapore crew change procedures
  • Understandably, some companies would have to rely on third-party crew & manning companies. For these companies, you must ensure that the Singapore crew change process are clearly communicated to these third-party crew and manning companies, and that the  and that they are followed to thoroughly.

Should there be breaches found, companies (ship agents, operators, managers, owners) would be penalised accordingly by the authorities.   Furthermore, continued incidences of crews who are screened positive for Covid19, will lead to a complete shutdown of crew changes in Singapore.

I would like to strongly remind and appeal to  Members to take this seriously and not jeapordise the crew change system that we have in place here in Singapore.

As you are aware, Singapore currently does not allow any returning of short-term pass holders back in Singapore but crew change is a concession given to the industry as Singapore recognises the importance and our responsibility as an international maritime centre. I therefore would like to seek your understanding and cooperation to do our parts in ensuring that we can do crew change here safely and responsibly.

Best regards,

Best Regards

Michael Phoon

Executive Director






Kindly see below list of charter flights for your reference. We will update as needed:




Message No. 41


Aa/ UAE – unfortunately another false start – 96 hours visas are not being issued therefore making crew changes IMPOSSIBLE. Yes we despair !!!



Bb/ Singapore – We learnt a very painful lesson yesterday. Their regulations have to be adhere to without any leeway. Interpretation of 48 test ruleis that it is 48 hours from the time TEST has been done (not results received) to boarding flight to Singapore.


There is absolutely no appreciation of the difficulty this rule creates but also their approach is everything but human centric ☹. Yes we also despair !!!



Cc/ We have just been informed by the Dutch MoFA that VFS Global in Manila (which suspended issuing visas due to their own staff testing positive)  will resume operations tomorrow. Visa services should be back to normal soon.

The staff has been tested on covid 19 and all test results were negative.



Message No. 40

Aa/ UAE – latest – sincerely hope it is not yet again false start. Members are reporting problems with issuing 96 hours visa, but we are told this has now been resolved. Today is Friday, therefore day off in UAE, hope to have update tomorrow


Meantime please read:

Please find below news article for your reference.






bb/ URGENT REQUEST – any member managing Panamanian seafarer – please get in touch – new business opportunity




cc/ InterManager can organise Webinar – HOW TO CARRY OUT SUCCESFUL CREW CHANGES IN PANAMA  in association with local authorities – I am sounding for interest.

Please advise whether you would be interested for your staff to attend.



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Working on Enclosed Space Death project
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Working on Enclosed Space Death project – HEIG Enclosed Space subcommittee Workshop 30.07.2020
Working on COVID-19


Capt. Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General


Mob: +44 7624 498 266

e-mail: [email protected]

web: www.intermanager.org



Capt. Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General



Mob: +44 7624 498 266

e-mail: [email protected]

web: www.intermanager.org




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