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Dear Members,

InterManager would like to join forces with IMEC in order to POOL RESOURCES for crew changes.

The charter flight to/from India is being arranged jointly by both marine travel providers; members can access the portal on the IMEC website with their requirements, and the experts will take it from there.




20,450 seafarers have travelled as reported by the Maritime Champions Club since 23rd March 2020.


We urge and implore our members, friends, and potential friends to join us to show where crew changes are happening and how many seafarers have been able to repatriate.

These figures are important:

– to see the scale of the undertaking,

– to boost the confidence of seafarers,

– to help crew managers to see where crew changes are possible,

– to recognise hard work and effort

– to assist journalists who report on the issue





InterManager encourages seafaring community to submit data to ‘Maritime Champions Club’ 


InterManager – the international trade association for ship and crew managers – launched its Maritime Champions League at the beginning of May 2020, and has today announced a name change of the initiative to the Maritime Champions Club.


The Club aims to recognise the efforts of the seafaring community by sharing the successes of ship managers and organisations in their crew repatriation achievements, and InterManager has asked the seafaring community for its assistance in collating a more accurate picture.


The name change serves to clear the confusion of its aim, as the data collected isn’t a competitive comparison between others who submit statistics: it exists to boost seafarers’ confidence and to demonstrate the community’s collective efforts to those who are sceptical about the shipping industry’s ability to successfully repatriate.


Speaking of the trade association’s plea and name change, InterManager’s Secretary General, Capt. Kuba Szymanski said: “The Maritime Champions Club has already been a huge success, and InterManager would like to extend a massive thank you to those who have already taken part.


“However, the current data is only representative of 10% of the whole picture. Our most recent data shows that over 19,000 seafarers have already been successfully repatriated for crew changes, yet 200,450 seafarers are still due to travel.


“We are asking the seafaring community to share our initiative across social media and with industry contacts so that we can build a bigger picture of the true scale of success. Both the mainstream and maritime press have painted a bleak picture of the shipping industry, undermining the tremendous efforts undertaken by many ship and crew managers.


“The initiative was never meant to be viewed as a competition between an organisation’s crew change statistics: it was to give kudos to all who have successfully organised crew changes, with the Club’s data organised alphabetically and irrespective of volume.”


The Maritime Champions Club – which lives on the InterManager website – details the volume, nationality, and completed routes of those who have been relieved, and shows the efforts of national administrations and their willingness to cooperate and inspire those who are still in the planning phase.


“By working collectively, we can pool our resources for crew changes and achieve far more than we could alone,” said Capt. Szymanski.


The Club is live on the InterManager website at https://bit.ly/3dBSA0c and will be continuously updated with relevant data as and when it becomes available.


Successful crew repatriation stories should be sent to [email protected] to be included in the Maritime Champions Club.



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Mt Kilimanjaro August 2020

We are taking on this giant of the world in August 2020, and we are looking for participants now so that training can begin and we can build a good plan for fundraising.

This is certainly one of life’s achievements and will not be forgotten easily!

Minimum sponsorship amount £5000.

Brochure and video being created.

I hope you’re well and will join me in a canoe or on a trek, maybe?

Kindest regards

Rebecca Bridgen

Events Fundraiser

Sailors’ Society

+ 44 7712 404130


Brgds Kuba

Capt. Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General

+44 7624 498 266



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