InterManager Daily News 20.04.2020.

1. Lynching cruise industry

I’ve been writing about cruise industry being under attack two years ago, when campaign against cruise tourism was launched, and gained momentum. The aim of the campaign was crystal clear – mass cruise tourism must die. Why? No secret here – go to UN and read UN Agenda 2030, it’s all there. Planet must be saved from humans, and restored in all its’ alleged pristine glory.

2. Another offshore vessel attacked in Gulf of Mexico

Offshore accommodation vessel TELFORD 28 was attacked in the evening Apr 14 at Cuidad Del Carmen Anchorage, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, according to Offshore Engineer news website Understood it was a robbery, pirates looting both staff and vessel’s valuable items, and escaped. One crew was injured and taken to hospital, his life is not in danger. Pirates attacks in this area have become regular.

3. Container Ship Attacked At Cotonou Anchorage

According to Dryad Global information, it is understood, that the speedboat from which pirates boarded container ship, fled seeing approaching Naval ship, leaving pirates aboard. 11 crew mustered in citadel, 8 crew remained in the open and are believed to be kept by pirates as hostages. There are Russian and Bulgarian nationalities among crew

4. CONCOR’s Extended Gate For DPD Clearance At JN Port Working In Full Swing

CONCOR had recently introduced the Extended Gate for DPD Clearance at JN Port wherein daily 5-6 rakes of DPD boxes are being evacuated by CONCOR by rail from JN port to ICD Mulund / Boisar under extended gate facility.’s+Extended+Gate+for+DPD+Clearance+at+JN+Port+working+in+full+swing

5. Cochin Port Trust Plans Concession For Exim Trade

The Cochin Port Trust will extend all possible support to Exim trade and Exim community, which has been hit severely by the lockdown, said M Beena, the port Chairman.

The port is considering concessions, including ground cargo rent/container rent, CFS charges, godown rental waiver/reduction, etc. The decision on the concessions will be taken in consultation with the Shipping

6. China’s First Quarter GDP Plunges 6.8pc As Coronavirus Fouls Supply Chains

CHINA’s economy plummeted 6.8 per cent in the first three months of the year compared with a year earlier, the country’s first such drop since Beijing began reporting quarterly gross domestic product in 1992, reported the Wall Street Journal.

China’s first quarter GDP plunges 6.8pc as coronavirus fouls supply chains

7. Three Million TEU Cut From Asia-Europe, Transpac From Week 5 To Mid-Year

THREE million TEU is to be removed from Asia-Europe and transpacific container shipping trades combined between week five to the middle of the year, equivalent to 16 per cent of average weekly capacity, according to Sea-Intelligence. Container lines are cutting one in six ex-Asia intercontinental sailings on Asia-Europe and transpacific trades, new analysis by Sea-Intelligence indicates.

8. Photos Capture North Korea Ships’ Sanctions Busting in Chinese Waters -U.N. Report

On Oct. 10 last year, eight North Korean vessels – several carrying illicit coal shipments – were anchored in Chinese waters off the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, according to a photo in a U.N. report published online on Friday.

That appears to be a lax enforcement by China of U.N. sanctions aimed at curbing Pyongyang’s nuclear program under which countries are required to inspect cargo destined to or coming from North Korea that is within their territory or being transported on North Korean-flagged vessels.

9. Port of Virginia to Close Marine Terminal

The Port of Virginia will close one of its terminals due to COVID-19’s impact on global trade. Starting May 4, 2020, the port’s Portsmouth Marine Terminal will be closed and cargo volumes will be consolidated to other terminals.

10. Crude Storage at Sea Hits New Record at 160 Million Barrels – Sources

Traders are storing an estimated record 160 million barrels of oil on ships – double the level from two weeks ago as they seek to tackle a glut of stocks created by a slide in global demand from the coronavirus, shipping sources say. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other producers including Russia have agreed a record cut in output from May of 9.7 million barrels per day, or almost 10% of global supply, to help support prices and curb oversupply.


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