InterManager Daily News 27.03.2020.

1. Tanker broke in two, sank or sinking, Mediterranean

Product tanker LADY SANDRA was caught in rough seas and issued distress signal at around 2030 UTC Mar 25, reporting severe structural damages and hull about to break in two, E of Valetta Malta. Tanker broke in two, 3 crew found themselves in water after their life raft was ruptured. All 3 were rescued by Malta Armed Froces ship, and brought to Malta. Tanker or her aft half together with superstructure, was still afloat as of 0600 UTC Mar 26.

2. Coastal freighter attacked, 3 crew kidnapped, Gulf of Guinea

Coastal ro-ro passenger ship ELOBEY 6 was attacked and hijacked by pirates in the morning Mar 21, some 22 nm off Port Gentil, Gabon, while en route from Port Bata to Annobon island, Equatorial Guinea. Pirates forced the crew to sail to Nigerian waters, but fled when ELOBEY 6 was approached by Nigerian Navy. Pirates kidnapped 3 crew, including 2 Moroccan and Equatorial Guinean. The ship was taken to Equatorail Guinea waters, escorted by frigate.

3. Cargo ship trampled down fishing vessel, trapping inside 6 fishermen

General cargo ship COMAU collided with fishing vessel Victoria in Corral Bay, southern Chile, at around 2100 LT Mar 24. Cargo ship struck fishing vessel and trampled her down under bow, vessel capsized, remaining stuck to freighter’s bow. Of 7 fishermen on board, one was rescued, 6 were trapped inside, at least one recovered dead.

4. Bulk carrier attacked in Gulf of Guinea, attack probably thwarted

Cargo ship was attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea at 1006 UTC Mar 25 SW of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, while en route from Calabar Nigeria to Port Owendo Gabon. DRYAD GLOBAL have reported that one speedboat with 7 attackers on board was in the vicinity of the ship, with no other details. According to track, the ship changed course after attack and was sailing at a reduced speed for some time, later returning to course and gathering way to a full ahead. Hopefully, attack was thwarted, by maneuvering or by armed guards, if they were on board.

5. Container ship Master medevaced

Master of container ship MAERSK BATAM was medevaced at night Mar 23 with heart attack symptoms, by US Coast Guard by helicopter in Caribbean, 100 nm south of Puerto Rico. The ship was en route from Colombia to Southampton UK. The ship interrupted voyage and headed for US Virgins Islands, resuming voyage after medevac.

6. “Optimarin Remains Open for Business”

The world has entered unchartered territory in which modern society is facing an unprecedented challenge and confusion brought about by the rapid spread of the Corona virus. The shipping industry is no exception. The top priority is to do as much as we can to minimize the impact of COVID-19 while safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our populations.

7. Guidance For The Loading Of Steel Cargoes Where Third-Party Surveyors Are Prevented From Attending Vessels Due To Covid-19 Restrictions

Your Managers are aware that, in some ports, regulations designed to inhibit the spread of the COVID-19 virus have prevented, and continue to prevent, third-party surveyors from attending vessels about to load finished steel products, the coverage of which is predicated upon the attendance of such surveyors – as well as the fulfillment of other requirements – in accordance with standard steel cargo survey clause wordings.

8. India: Corona-hit maritime and logistics sectors seek rescue package as trade slows

India’s maritime industry, the backbone of the export-import trade, is seeking a relief package from the government to deal with a looming crisis as the coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on the global economy.

Industry executives say that the devastation brought on by the pandemic has had a “disastrous effect on almost all container terminals, bulk cargo terminals, container freight stations (CFS) and inland container depots (IDCs) across India”.

9. The U.S. Is Becoming The World’s Largest Oil And Natural Gas Exporter

Amid a thunderstorm of horrifically sad COVID-19 news, I wanted to focus on an energy story to lift your spirits. We all realize that energy markets are such an afterthought right now, but I wanted to give you something. Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

10. Big Oil may have to break dividend taboo as debt spirals: investors

The world’s biggest oil and gas firms should break an industry taboo and consider cutting dividends, rather than taking on any more debt to maintain payouts as they weather the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, investors say.

The top five so-called oil majors have avoided reducing dividends for years to keep investors sweet and added a combined $25 billion to debt levels in 2019 to maintain capital spending, while giving back billions to shareholders.


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