InterManager Daily News 09.03.2020.

1. Mass quarantine and lockdowns may be more deadly than virus

If we’re to believe WHO, coronavirus is to infect some 40-70 percent of the entire world population. WHO isn’t exactly trustworthy organization, or to be not politically correct, it’s not trustworthy at all, but virus indeed, seems to be very contagious. How to cope with it, generally? I don’t like CCP and everything communistic, but I’d say, latest CCP actions are the only ones making sense, if talking about nation survival. I refer to their decisions to return to normal life and work, whatever the consequences.

2. CMA CGM Sees China Operations Returning to Normal

French shipping group CMA CGM said its operations in China were returning to normal after the coronavirus outbreak crippled traffic last month, forecasting the global health crisis would have a limited impact on its performance this year. The world’s fourth-largest container shipping firm said on Friday it expected to return to normal fleet capacity in China from mid-March. There had been signs of industrial production picking up since late February, it said.

3. Container ship broke off moorings at Livorno

Container ship SINGAPORE EXPRESS was torn off her moorings at Darsena Toscana container terminal, Livorno, Italy, shortly after midnight Mar 6. Livorno was battered by gale-force regional wind by the time of an accident. Understood aft moorings broke up, while fore moorings remained intact thanks to timely slackening. Port authorities were immediately alerted, deployed tugs assisted the ship and understood, she was moored alongside opposite berth.

4. How to support shipping in times of coronavirus pandemic

The world is under coronavirus attack, but world economy is infected by deadly virus for decades now, and this is not coronavirus, it’s a good old socialist/totalitarian virus, now camouflaged in green colors, though red is also ok, as well as pink, black or brown. All scum of the world, unite, whatever the color. One of the most hard hit industries is shipping, it is undermined and sabotaged by virus carriers, who are best described, I believe, as human-like locust infected with virus.

5. Cargo ship damaged fish farm fence, some 2 mil fish fled the farm, Turkey

General cargo ship NAVAHO went out of control after steering failure in Gulluk Bay, southwest Turkey, Aegean sea, and struck fish farm fence, some 2 million fish fled the farms. Fish farmers said to suffer heavy losses. Date of accident unknown, the ship arrived at Gulluk Bay and anchored on Mar 1.

6. Chinese cargo ship attacked, boarded in Gulf of Guinea

General cargo ship HUANGHAI GLORY reported by Dryad Global as attacked, boarded by pirates at 1820 UTC Mar 5, some 85 nm south of Lagos Nigeria, Gulf of Guinea. The ship was drifting after attack, not responding to contact requests. According to track, the ship started moving at around 1300 UTC Mar 6, after about an hour went adrift again. As of 1500 UTC Mar 6, the ship was still adrift or moving at slow speed, Nigerian Navy patrol boat NNS SPARROW approaching – in nearly 24 hours after alert, in vicinity of Lagos. Some defence. 23 crew reportedly all Chinese.

7. Crew evacuated from distressed general cargo ship, Taiwan Strait

General cargo ship JIAN GONG 8 early in the morning Mar 5 reported anchor dragging, drift towards reefs near western coas of Quanzhou Bay, Fujian, China, Taiwan Strait. Main engine broke down, crew couldn’t start it in challenging conditions of rough seas, ship being rolling with up to 15-deg list. Salvage tug couldn’t approach distressed ship, it was decided to evacuate 10 crew.

8. Baltic index posts 4th weekly gain as vessel rates improve

The Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index rose on Friday to its highest in more than six weeks, marking the fourth straight weekly gain, as earnings increased across all vessel categories.

The Baltic index, which tracks rates for capesize, panamax and supramax vessels that ferry dry bulk commodities, increased by 18 points, or 3%, to 617, its highest since Jan. 22.

9. Marshall Islands Registry Issues Compliance Update


The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) received a rating of “largely compliant” on 12 November 2019 following its second round review against the 2016 Terms of Reference, which analyzed the implementation of the international standard of transparency and exchange of information on request. Panama’s second round review was adopted at the same time, andthey received a rating of “partially compliant.”

10. China grants duty exemption on U.S. soybean imports – sources

China has granted tariff exemptions for some crushers to import U.S. soybeans, five sources told Reuters, in line with a plan it announced in February, aiming to fulfill commitments under its Phase 1 trade deal with the United States.


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