InterManager Daily News 03.03.2020.

1. Freighter troubled off Kiel, Baltic sea

General cargo ship ran into trouble on Mar 2 NE of Kiel, resumed sailing some 2 hours later. Tug was called and approached disabled freighter, but apparently, crew managed to cope with problem by own means.

2. LPG tanker leaking inflammable gas, risk of explosion, China. Mar 2 UPDATE.

Mar 2 UPDATE: Tanker remains at anchor in designated safe zone, though works to fix faulty flange, carried out during Feb 11 – Feb 23, were partial success, tanker was yet considered to be to dangerous to berth and offload her cargo. Cargo of liquid propylene was offloaded to a barge in STS operation, which lasted from Feb 29 until Mar 1. Understood cargo was offloaded from a tank with faulty flange.

3. Explosion in cargo ship engine room, 2 Engineer suffered burns, hospitalized, Black sea

General cargo ship AL HANI in the morning Feb 28 suffered an explosion in engine room while at anchor in Kerch Strait, Black sea, or probably, anchored after accident. Second Engineer was exposed to boiling water and suffered burns, he was taken to hospital in Kerch. The ship continued her voyage to Berdyansk Ukraine on Feb 29, anchored at Berdyansk anchorage on Feb 29. Though accident took place on Feb 28, it has become known only on Mar 2.

4. Chinese tanker siezed by Cambodia, suspect in DPRK sanctions violation

Tanker COURAGEOUS was seized by Cambodia Navy Police on Feb 27 in Cambodian waters, arriving there after being expelled from Taiwan, as a violator of sanctions imposed on North Korea. Tanker is suspect in illegal oil ship-to-ship transfers to North Korean tankers. COURAGEOUS was taken to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, berthed there on Mar 1, for further legal proceedings.

5. Nordic American Tankers Ltd.: The Corona Virus and NAT

We already referred to the Corona Virus in a press release of Friday January 31, 2020, stating that “we do not see any implications for NAT” – from the Virus.

In the NAT Q4 2019 report of Tuesday February 18, 2020 we drew the same conclusion. We have learnt over the years that we do not necessarily see negative implications for NAT in times when there is political uncertainty.

6. Inmarsat Confirmed As Diamond Sponsor Of LISW21

The organisers of London International Shipping Week are proud to announce that Inmarsat plc has signed up as Diamond Sponsor of next year’s event, LISW21.

This announcement follows confirmation that the week-long premier global shipping and maritime event will be held during the week of September 6-10, 2021.

7. Freight forwarders urge for common sense and compromise as UK-EU future relationship negotiations commence

Ahead of this afternoon’s first formal meeting for the negotiation of the future relationship between the UK and the EU, Robert Keen, the director general of the British International Freight Association says that both sides should do everything they can to achieve a free-trade agreement with zero tariffs and zero quotas.

8. Covid-19 Threatens Global Trade, Hits Shipping Industry Hard

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus (nCovid-19) in China, trade especially shipping which has been the most affected sector around the world as the international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90 per cent of the world’s trade.

9. SeaBird Exploration secures contract extension for research vessel

Seabird Exploration has secured an extension for the charter contract of its research vessel Petrel Explorer. The charter period of the contract has now been extended to May 31. Additionally, the company has received indicative bid interest from a prospective buyer of the vessel.

10. Shearwater awarded 3D survey by Total

Shearwater GeoServices has been awarded a major towed streamer 3D acquisition and fast track processing project in the Black Sea by Total. The survey covers 5,500 sq km in the Han Asparuh block using Flexisource triple source together with fast track processing enabled by Shearwater’s proprietary Reveal software. The three-month survey will start in the first quarter and will be carried out by the research vessel Oceanic Vega.


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