InterManager Daily News 14.02.2020.

1. Two mind-bending incidents in Spain ports

Two similar incidents with stowaways occurred on board of merchant ships docked at Spanish ports, on Feb 11-12. In both cases stowaways tried to escape the ship, breaking the cabins they’ve been locked in.One stowaway of Conakry nationality escaped from tanker HARALD MAERSK, which on Feb 8 had to interrupt her voyage from Conakry to Amsterdam, and make emergency call at Vigo Spain, because of 3 extremely aggressive stowaways on board. Tanker berthed at Vigo in the morning Feb 8, and as of Feb 13, she’s still at Vigo under investigation, because Police said, that merchant ships are often ordered by owners to simulate dangerous situation on board after finding stowaways, in order to get rid of them, and all costs and troubles they bring.

2. LPG tanker leaking inflammable gas, risk of explosion, China

LPG tanker GAS PRODIGY loaded with 2,400 tons of liquid propylene arrived at Fuzhou Chemical Terminal, Fujian Province, China, on Feb 10, from Philippines. During offload preparations leak was found in a flange of a pump of Tank No.1, and a leak of propylene gas. Tanker was taken to outer anchorage, safety zone around the ship was established. Propylene mixture with air is highly inflammable, so there’s risk of fire and explosion.

3. Demolition Market Under Pressure as Rates Fall

The current freight rate crisis across most markets could offer a solid opportunity for ship owners to sell some of their older ships and alleviate tonnage oversupply issues. However, over the course of the past week, prices offered by scrapyards have also started to retreat. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Clarkson Platou Hellas said that “the market has been awash again this week with varied large dry units being circulated and, not surprisingly, sales concluded earlier in the year are now surfacing showing the full extent of the busy start to the year in this sector.

4. More Ships? No Problem, Thanks To New Tracking Tech From Space

The South China Sea now has sharper satellite “vision” watching the region, helping to manage one of the busiest ship trafficking areas in the world.

A collaboration led by Spire Maritime and China’s HiFleet recently increased visibility of ship signals in the region by more than 200%, according to representatives.

5. Keep an eye out for slip, trip and fall hazards onboard

In the 10 year period 2009 – 2018, slips, trips and falls, commonly referred to as STFs, accounted for 20% of all crew injuries handled by Gard. In their Annual Overview of Marine Casualties 2019, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) also noted that STFs are the most frequent causes of personal injury.

6. Gothenburg named as the best logistics location in Sweden

For the 19th year in succession, Gothenburg has been named as the best logistics location in Sweden by the trade journal Intelligent Logistik. With a nationwide rail shuttle network and growing container volumes, the Port of Gothenburg is described as being a pivotal factor in the emergence of the region as a logistics hub.

7. Lithuanian port has role to play in U.S. gas supply to Belarus -ambassador

The United States is interested in supplying natural gas to Belarus via Lithuania’s Klaipeda liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, the incoming U.S. ambassador to Lithuania said.

“I know that when I was in Washington, there was a strong interest in this (LNG supplies) and I had meetings with the Department of Energy on this very issue,” incoming ambassador Robert S. Gilchrist said in interview with Lithuania’s BNS newswire.

8. Guyana to export its first share of oil in coming days

Guyana is getting ready to export in the coming days the first cargo of Liza crude entitled to the government as share of the oil produced by a consortium led by energy giant ExxonMobil, the head of the country’s Energy Department said on Wednesday.

9. Inherent doubt: Navigating complexity and ambiguity

Voyage optimisation has empirically demonstrated that it has the capability to provide significant reductions in consumed fuel, and to help choose navigation routes that safely avoid dangerous conditions.

However, even after a ship makes these choices and leaves port for its next destination there will still be an element of uncertainty.

10. SM Line signs with MSC and Maersk on the transpacific

As MSC and Maersk prepare to bid farewell to partner HMM, they’ve found a new Korean liner to help out on the transpacific.

HMM, South Korea’s flagship carrier, will join rival THE Alliance on April 1. MSC and Maersk, the founder of the 2M grouping, have signed up SM Line to cooperate on the transpacific from the start of April.


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