InterManager Daily News 22.10.2019.

1. IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap misplaced. Put Cap on regulators, not ships fuels. Bulldozing through almost impregnable jungle of Sulphur Cap (SC)-related materials, marked by exceptionally bureaucratic, mind-blowing, style and language, I finally, stumbled on a “study” which I believe, is the basics, the main official explanation and justification of SC global rip-off.

2. Panamax bulk carrier aground, South America Panamax bulk carrier ran aground in South America waters, East Coast, early in the morning Oct 20. As of 1730 UTC, was still aground. Salvage already contracted.

3. WISTA HELLAS – Annual Forum 2019: “Redefining Shipping – Embracing a New Approach”. WISTA Hellas is organizing the Annual Forum 2019 entitled “Redefining Shipping – Embracing a New Approach” to be held on Tuesday, 5th November, 2019 at Hilton Athens Hotel. Every year WISTA Hellas proudly organizes a Forum where the audience has the opportunity to follow presentations, participate and receive latest information from top influencers, managers and industry specialists. Subject forum is an open conference, attracting not only WISTA members, but also a great number of shipping professionals.

4. Shell Marine issues cylinder oil and engine protection guidance as IMO 2020 looms. Shell Marine has issued guidance on the use of cylinder oil and engine protection in preparation for next year’s IMO 2020 mandate, saying that the publication serves as a “timely reminder” of the risks posed to engine performance by switching fuels.

5. Car-Shipping Giant Grimaldi Faces Tariff Headwinds. Italy’s Grimaldi Group, one of the world’s biggest ocean-going car carriers and heavy equipment movers, expects stagnant demand over the next year as recession fears and trade disputes tamp down vehicle sales growth around the world. „There is definitely a slowdown,” Emanuele Grimaldi, a co-owner of the shipping giant founded by his father, said in an interview. “A lot has to do with recession fears, protectionism in the U.S. and Brexit.”

6. Making Shipping Sustainable. With 80% of global trade transported by sea, maritime shipping is the lifeblood of today’s highly integrated global economy. Yet this vital industry is under intensifying pressure from a phenomenon to which it is also a major contributor: climate change.

7. Stage is set for next wave of ships-for-shares deals. Larger U.S.-listed ship owners are poised to grow larger still via so-called ships-for-shares deals, in which the fleet seller takes stock in lieu of cash. The time is ripe. Shipping stock prices have risen substantially, making shares more palatable as transaction currency, and private equity (PE) vessel owners are increasingly anxious to “harvest” positions as their funds reach maturity dates. Trading ships for public stock gets them one step closer to the exit.

8. Iran plans to build 200 cargo ships inside country. Iranian industry, mining and trade minister said Iran is planning to build 200 cargo ships inside the country based on its maritime development program, Tasnim news agency reported. „In the country’s maritime industries development program, we have provisioned the construction of 200 cargo ships with an investment of €300 million,” Reza Rahmani said.

9. Tanzania Open to Talks Over $10 Billion Port Project, Daily Says. Tanzania is open to discussions with investors on the $10 billion Bagamoyo Port project, but will prioritize the interests of the East African nation, the Daily News newspaper reported, citing Tanzania Ports Authority Director General Deusdedit Kakoko.

10. Atlantic Container Shipping Rates Far Outperform Pacific. The ebb and flow of trade relations between the U.S. and China have had a significant effect on Pacific container markets, whether cargoes are discharged on the West Coast or transit the Panama Canal to the East Coast. Now, trade tensions are heating up between the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. is poised to begin adding tariffs on $7.5 billion of European goods including wine, cheese and aircraft starting Oct. 18.


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