InterManager Daily News 09.09.2019.

1. Cargo ship sank, dozens of containers afloat nearby
General cargo ship on Sep 6 reported sank in East China sea. 46 containers spotted drifting in vicinity, though containers may fall from another ship, a Greek ship was mentioned.

2. Cargo ship engine room fire killed one, injured two, Elbe
Fire erupted in engine room of a general cargo ship KELLY shortly after 1200 UTC Sep 6, when the ship was on Elbe river, approaching Brunsbuettel, Kiel Canal, en route from Rotterdam to Kaliningrad Russia. Firefighting and emergency teams boarded the ship, tug and SAR boat were also deployed, fire reportedly, was extinguished. Three crew were injured by fire, one of them died, two were hospitalized in serious condition. The ship was brought to anchor, her damages and condition yet unknown.

3. Spanish trawler collided with dock at Stanley, Falklands, seriously damaged
Reefer trawler PESCA VAQUEIRO collided with dock while berthing at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, in the morning Sep 5. Collision understood to be caused by engine or steering failure. Vessel’s bow was seriously damaged, sustaining breached and dents above waterline.

4. India toys with giving domestic shipping a sulphur cap pass
The Hindu Business Line, one of India’s premier financial newspapers, is reporting New Delhi is contemplating not imposing the global sulphur cap – due to start in 117 days – for ships plying domestic waters. A similar mooted move was floated by Indonesian authorities six weeks ago, before Jakarta stepped back into line with the global regulation.

5. Charcoal faces IMO grilling as number of boxship fires ignites
Major containership fires are on the up this year, averaging one a month in 2019, bucking this century’s already alarming average of one every 60 days, according to data from insurer TT Club. The UK company has pointed out in a note to clients that too many of these fires in recent years have been come about from the shipping of charcoal within containers.

6. China, Singapore Maritime Authorities Team Up on Electronic Certificates
The China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on electronic certificates. The MOU was inked at the 11th China-Singapore Senior Officials’ Committee Meeting (SOCM) in Beijing, China, on September 5, 2019.

7. Ukrainian Port of Chornomorsk Getting New Grain Terminal, Additional Berths
Ukraine’s Port of Chornomorsk is set to undergo an upgrade worth over UAH 3 billion (USD 118.8 million), receiving a new grain terminal and additional berths. The investment is part of a public private partnership between state-owned Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) and Ukrainian agricultural company Kernel.

8. Tankers: Maritime threats prompt heightened security, raise costs
The attacks on tankers in the Middle East in recent months have pushed up the operating costs and prompted market participants to significantly scale up their standard security procedures to adjust to maritime threats, shipping insurers, security officials, owners and charterers said.

9. Easing liquidity drives volatility in Asia fuel oil paper markets
A decline in liquidity in the Singapore high sulfur fuel oil derivatives is adding to volatility in the market ahead of the IMO 2020 regulations, said market participants. The International Maritime Organization’s mandate for using cleaner marine fuel is set to kick in from January 2020. Demand for HSFO as a bunker fuel is expected to drop drastically from next year as the market switches to 0.5% sulfur marine fuels.

10. Company In India Falsely Acting On Behalf Of BIMCO
BIMCO has been made aware of a company in India named Grand Shipping & Trading Company who is presenting themselves as a company facilitating BIMCO memberships. We understand that Hameer Mubarak from Grand Shipping & Trading Company falsely claims that applicants need BIMCO membership in order to offer certain services. He has in this connection offered to facilitate a membership of BIMCO. Hameer Mubarak has received a payment for a BIMCO membership and kept the money.


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