Dispatches No. 454

International Shipowning and Shipmanagement Summit (ISSS) followed by InterManager AGM was a great success.

For the first time in InterManager history AGM has allected two Ladies as members of Executive Committee: Capt. Natlia Bello representing SCF and Astrid Drent representing MFG

InterManager’s Executive Committee consists now of 13 members:

  1. Tony Field – Lloyds Register;
  2. Dirk Fry – Columbia;
  3. Ajay Tripathi – MMS;
  4. Edgar Mila – PTC
  5. Svein Pedersen – NOAH
  6. Natalia Bello – SCF
  7. Astrid Drent – MFG
  8. Bjorn Jebsen – Abojeb
  9. Markus Schmitz – SOFTImpact
  10. Raal Harris – Videotel
  11. Saeed Al Malik – ISSA
  12. Matt Dunlop – VShips
  13. Manoj Suri – Seaspan



Officers retired this year:

  1. Marc Nuytemans – EXMAR;
  2. George Hoyt – Seagull;
  3. Ian MacLean – Hill Dickinsoon
  4. Alastair Evitt– Vships;
  5. Gerardo Borromeo – PTC





Last week:

Working on ISSS and AGM – 09.09.09 – speaking with speakers and sponsors

Annual Financial Results – Financial Audit – results to be available this coming Friday

Administration work

Issues with Medical Oxygen supplies for ships

28 August – HEIG – London – Capt. Paddy McKnight attending


This Week:

AGM and ISSS in London

Enclose Space Deaths – engagement with fellow Shipping Associations

IMO – meeting with Secretary General



Looking forward:

18th September – MACN – London – Capt. Paddy McKnight representing InterManager

19th September – Seagul User Forum – London – Capt. Paddy McKnighat and Kuba Szymanski representing InterManager

9th October 2019 – Hamburg – Digitalisation in Shipping – Capt. Kuba Szymanski speaking

11th October 2019 – Maritime Economic Forum – Gdynia Poland – Capt. Szymanski Speaking



18th November – Manila – Sofitel – CrewConnect conference

Members discount code giving a 20% . The code for your colleagues/associates is FKT3586SPKEM for booking online with this code here https://bit.ly/2Fexu9k


Mt Kilimanjaro August 2020

We are taking on this giant of the world in August 2020 and looking for participants now so training can begin and to build a good plan for fundraising.

This is certainly one of life’s achievements and will not be forgotten easily!


Minimum sponsorship amount £5000

Brochure and video being created.


I hope you’re well, and join me in a canoe or a trek maybe?

Kindest regards

Rebecca Bridgen

Events Fundraiser

Sailors’ Society

+ 44 7712 404130


Brgds Kuba

Capt. Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General

Mob: +44 7624 498 266




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