InterManager Daily News 06.08.2019.

1. Fight for survival – Indonesia rebelling against Green Agenda and Sulphur Cap
There aren’t many news left in shipping, which aren’t related to Climate Change Fight and IMO-made doomsday of the shipping, Sulphur Cap Regulation, coming into force in Jan next year. All of those news are highly irritating or outrageous, or plain insane, but there’s one I found spectacularly disgusting.
Shipping so-called “elite” lashed out at Indonesia, for its’ decision not to implement Sulphur Cap in coastal shipping. Indonesia, you see, is a 240-million Nation of 18000+ islands, with dozens of millions of Indonesians living on hundreds of islands, and thus, being totally dependent on coastal shipping. Implementation of IMO/UN Cap will trigger the disruption of lifelines supporting millions and millions of people, because Indonesia and its’ coastal shipping just can’t afford Sulphur Cap, it is that simple.–19mLwrakETF206PpmVwLR88vux4NafVNSii7JcGJw

2. Cargo ship ran aground twice, Master found intoxicated
General cargo ship HADELAND ran aground two times, while leaving port of Riga, Latvia, at night Aug 3. The ship refloated by own means after first grounding, to ran aground second time shortly after resuming moving. Coast Guard officers found Master to be intoxicated, the ship was taken to outer anchorage, and brought to anchor, for investigation and probably, Master replacement. As of 1400 UTC Aug 4, HADELAND was still at anchor, she’s bound for Immingham UK.

3. Iran seized offshore supply ship, not tanker UPDATE
Aug 5 Update: Confirmed photo and video of seized ship, still labeled as “tanker”, are genuine. It’s obviously, an old small offshore supply ship, probably converted into deck cargo ship to carry goods in the region. Iran changed its’ version, now it is fuel smuggling, not oil smuggling. The ship probably, doesn’t have AIS, its’ name blurred on photos and videos, most probably because Iran is too embarrassed to reveal ship’s details and value. Not daring to attack big tankers in waters closely watched by USA and allied Navies, Iran turned to safer hunting grounds and easiest to hijack ships. Circus goes on – what ships are next to be hijacked: dhows, yachts, fishing boats?

4. Tankers collided at Korean port anchorage
Tanker under way collided with anchored tanker at Korean Port outer anchorage, in the evening Aug 3. Both tankers sustained damages. Damages are reported to be slight, though photos tell otherwise. As of 1420 Seoul time Aug 4, both tankers were at anchor, in collision site area.–BsqOlGKGCAAwR276lbnm1XkGOtBgHVDp8

5. One more typhoon WIPHA victim, crew rescued
Bulk carrier DI WEI 506 issued distress signal at night Aug 2 some 8 nm south of Macau, reporting sinking, crew abandoning the ship and going into life raft. SAR ships and helicopters were engaged, search lasted for some 5 hours, in nighttime and adverse weathe conditions. All 11 crew were found and rescued, on the verge of sinkling, because life raft was punctured and leaking. The ship was caught in rough weather brought by Wipha typhoon. Latest AIS position dated 2200-2300 UTC Aug 2.

6. Coaster breached, sank in Taiwan Strait
Cargo ship BEIJING or MINGDELUN sank off Wuqiu township, Wuqiu island s Taiwan, western Taiwan Strait, in the evening Aug 2. The ship reportedly collided with breakwater in rough seas, hull was breached, understood cargo hold flooded. 13 crew were rescued.

7. Turkish freighter troubled in Greek waters, status unclear
General cargo ship MEHMET BEY encountered mechanical problems and had to enter southern Samos island waters, Greece, Aegean sea, on Aug 2. The ship understood to be anchored, in the morning Aug 3 she started moving, in restricted maneuverability status, as of 1500 UTC Aug 3 was near anchorage site, looking to be not under control. The ship is en route from Amaliapolis mainland Greece to Iskenderun Turkey.

8. Taiwanese freighter ran aground, refloated
General cargo ship ARIKUN ran aground off Lauis Ledge Lighthouse, south of Cebu city, Philippines, while approaching port of destination, Cebu, at around 0700 LT Aug 3. The ship was refloated in a short time, and resumed moving to Cebu, no spill, no visible damages reported, except some scratches. The ship is loaded with 4120 tons of wheat.

9. Freighter collided with embankment, boat in Rostov port, Russia
General cargo ship UST-ILIMSK on arrival from Turkey collided with embankment and training boat in Rostov port, river Don, Russia, in the afternoon Aug 3. Boat was heavily damaged, no news on UST_ILIMSK damages.

10. Cargo ship beached by storm, western India
General cargo ship NAND APARMA was grounded by storm some 60 nm north of Mumbai, West India, early in themorning Aug 3, while en route from Hazira to Dharmantar port with some 2000 tons of steel coil. The ship high and dry on a coastline, 13 crew understood safe, awaiting weather improvement for refloating.


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