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InterManager AGM, ExCom and International Ship Management and Ship Owning Summit – London 16th October 2016

Venue: Willis Tower Wotson; 51 Lime Street London


09:00 InterManager AGM
09:30 InterManager ExCom
10:00 Welcome Address: Bjorn Jebsen, President InterManager
10:10 Chairman’s Opening Remarks (TBC)
10:15 Keynote Address: State of the key markets (TBC)
10:40 Keynote Address: Is shipmanagement agile enough to match the technological speed of change in today’s shipping industry


Keynote Address: Open position

Brian Warszona, Divisional Director, FINEX Cyber and TMT and Andrew Hill at Willis Tower Watson

11:20 Keynote Address: Cost control: cutting your cloth or full steam ahead?

Olav Nortun, CEO Thome Group

11:35 Q&A
11:45 Networking Coffee Break
12:00 Mini debate Maximising the potential of the digital age

Moderator: Martyn Wingrove (TBC)

Address: Malcolm McMaster, Globecomm

Panellists: Mark Woodhead, KVH

Malcolm McMaster, Globecomm

Stuart Ostrow, ShipMoney

Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners

13.00 Lunch
13.40 Marine Purchasing Panel Debate: Can collaboration cut costs?

Moderator: Sean Moloney, Editorial Director Ship Management International

Keynote: (TBC)

Panellists: Capt Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General, InterManager

Arne Mielken, Customs Advisor to ISSA and OCEAN

Mikael Weiss, Shipserv

14.40 Environment. 2020 Sulphur cap and Ballast water management. A regulatory minefield or is it all about proper planning?

Keynote speakers:

John Morganti, VP of Sales and Marketing, EcoChlor

Vladimiro Bonamin, VP Global Business Development Manager, SGS

15.10 Networking Coffee Break
15.25 Seafarer Health Keynotes

Keynote speakers: Dr Kate Pike, Solent University Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow

Capt Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General, InterManager

15.45 Panel Debate

Seafarer Mental Health and Wellbeing Debate

Moderator: Raal Harris from KVH Videotel

Panellists: Keith Purkis, Film Director

Colin Payne, Recently retired as HR Director of Swire Pacific Offshore, now Resilience Coach

Mats Sjostrand, Chief Officer representing the seafarers view

16.45 Seafarer Mental Health Video

Mark Woodhead, KVH Senior Vice President EMEA to introduce

17:00 Conference ends

Drinks sponsored by KVH Videotel


Entry is free for members – please register your interest with kuba.szymanski@intermanager.org


Last week

Preparation to ISSS

Preparation work for AGM

Seagull Forum n London

EMSA – Philippines certification issue

NGO Human Element papers

Single Window Directive EU 65

24.09 – 28.09 – IMO – London – III 5 – Capt. Paddy McKnight attending representing InterManager – full report available from: https://www.intermanager.org/2018/09/imo-sub-committee-on-implementation-of-imo-instruments-5th-session-24-28-september-2018/

27 September –  Thursday World Maritime Day – Organized Visit to IMO – 13 members attending.

27 September – London – Equasis Editorial Board meeting – Capt. Kuba Szymanski representing

27 September – London – IMO –  NGO GROUP ON THE HUMAN ELEMENT – Capt. Kuba Szymanski representing


This Week:

Preparation to ISSS

Preparation work for AGM

EMSA – Philippines certification issue

Single Window Directive EU 65

Lifeboat Submission Paper to IMO

Meeting with fellow Maritime Organisations


Looking forward:

02.10 – Humane – Trondheim – Study Workshop

  • Increase knowledge on a systems level, what changes when autonomy is introduced?
  • Suggest solutions to identified challenges
  • Provide tested methods for prediction and support for organisations that wish to prepare themselves for an autonomous future

Markus Schmitz is representing InterManager

16.10 – London – InterManager AGM and International ShipManagement and Ship Owning Summit – Willis Towers Watson Headquarters in London 51 Lime Street

17.10 – Athens – Seagull User Forum, Capt. Kuba Szymanski representing InterManager


“11th Annual Capital Link Shipping Marine Services & Offshore Forum” which will take place on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 in London – http://forums.capitallink.com/shipping/2018london/




8-9 October 2018, London – Bills of Lading Seminar,

Lloyds Maritime Academy 2 day seminar analyzing the commercial legal complexities of bills of lading

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3464IM or follow this link: http://bit.ly/BillsofLading18

InterManager members – 2 VIP Tickets



10-11 October 2018, London  – Laytime & Demurrage Seminar,

Lloyds Maritime Academy 2 day training course with workshops and case studies on legal and commercial complexities of laytime and demurrage

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3474IM or follow this link:  http://bit.ly/LaytimeSeminar

InterManager members – 2 VIP Tickets



16-17 October 2018, London – Electric & Hybrid 2018,

Lloyds Maritime Academy presents a 2 day seminar on the business case for hybrid propulsion, fuel cells and battery technologies across commercial fleets.

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3465IM or follow this link: https://goo.gl/574i7H

InterManager members – 2 VIP Tickets



“8th Annual Capital Link Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum” which will take place on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at the Hilton Athens Hotel – http://forums.capitallink.com/csr/2018athens/



5-7 November 2018, Manila CrewConnect Global  & CruiseConnect Global,

The largest crewing event in the world. With over 600 attendees from 40 different maritime nations. Celebrating 20 years with an additional black tie dinner and awards ceremony.

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3428IM or follow this link: https://goo.gl/L1BsSE


InterManager members – 2 VIP Tickets



12-14 November 2018, New York Green Ship Technology (GST) North America,

2 day conference on 2020 regulatory compliance, looking at sustainability strategies, new tends and technologies. Co-located with shipping2030 to give delegates access to an innovative programme on digitalization in the shipping industry.

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3393IM or follow this link: https://goo.gl/K1F7EL

InterManager members – 2 VIP Tickets


23-24 November 2018 – Istanbul, 63rd ISSA Convention.


Interested members please get in touch for discounted places.


3-5 December 2018, London – BWMTech London 2018,

2 day conference and crewing workshop with over 100 attendees. Hear from the IMO, BEMA & MSC Cruises on implementation of the BWM Convention

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3389IM or follow this link: https://goo.gl/5Z27Vw



4-5 December 2018, London  – V-Tracks 2018,

Lloyds Maritime Academy presents a 2 day seminar on using, implementing and optimizing vessel tracking

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3334IM or follow this link: https://goo.gl/ghGFsm


5-7 December 2018, London – Salvage & Wreck Removal,

Risk Management for casualty response and wreck removal

Save 20% with VIP Code FKT3429IM or follow this link: http://bit.ly/SalvageConf2018


Brgds Kuba

Capt. Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General

Mob: +44 7624 498 266


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