Dispatches No. 390

Crew Connect Hamburg

It is great to see so many of our members participate in this important industry conference. Our voice is very string here in Hamburg. Both Full members and associate members are leading from the front.

Today’s topics:

  • Do we really face shortage of seafarers? Drewry’s latest report says 2% but shows salary increase barely 1% over the last 12 months
  • Stable or fluid crew? Which team would you feel more comfortable to work with?
  • Technology – first un-maned ship will be delivered in Norway 2020. Is this a threat or opportunity for us seafarers and ship managers?
  • Do we need to have shore personnel who has strong seafaring background or maybe not at all would be far more beneficial?
  • Shall owners pay for seafarers training? Should seafarers be expected to undertake training during their holiday period?



Last week

Working with members on;

Study on mentoring at sea – Solent Uni

Mental health of the seafarers – Videotel

Crew Connect Hamburg

Executive Committee meeting in Hamburg 22nd May

16-25 May – London  Maritime Safety Committee meets for its 99th session  Capt. Paddy McKnight representing InterManager

Cyber Security Survey and works of InterManager committee

BMP 4 – Meeting in London. Max Williams representing InterManager


This Week:

16-25 May – London  Maritime Safety Committee meets for its 99th session  Capt. Paddy McKnight representing InterManager

20th of May InterManager co-sponsors the IMO golf tournament at Selsdon Park, current holder from last year being the IMO Secretary General.

22nd May – Hamburg – InterManager ExCom meeting

22nd May – London – IMO – ILG meeting Capt. Paddy McKnight attending on behalf of members

23-24th May – Hamburg – Crew Connect – Members wishing to attend please get in contact for VIP seats

Working with 5 InterManager teams preparing for 24 Peals Challenge


Looking forward:

Working from London and then Isle of Man (next week)



Project updates:

Adopt a Ship

InterManager has joined the Cyprus Chamber of Shipping initiated campaign Adopt A Ship.

As of this week we have:
41 classes and 6 School Libraries in Poland, 2 Universities in Poland, 1 kindergarten in Poland; 3 orphanages in India  – 35 ships

Anyone interested to learn more about Adopt A Ship project please get in touch with Capt. Kuba Szymanski kuba.szymanski@intermanager.org


23-24 May Hamburg – Crew Connect Hamburg.


Full Members please get in touch for VIP pass


Brgds Kuba

Capt. Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General

Mob: +44 7624 498 266


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