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We invited WellAtSea to talk about the work they do and how it is making a big difference to the maritime community.


Do health initiatives really work? Yes it does, according to WellAtSea who offer a range of cases which can have a ‘huge effect’ on the well being of employees. We spoke to Rene Hartung, a partner at WellAtSea, who gave a few facts: 


We have seen over 30% in reductions in attrition and absenteeism and an average 28% reduction in sick days. On financial benefit we see an average $5.93 to $1 savings-to-cost ratio.

But how is it done? There is not a single way to achieve this but in general all our experience tells us that: Targeting initiatives is what’s working, specific health care suggestions, resources and initiatives is one of the major keys to success. There is no one size fits all.

To support this WAS (WellAtSea) have developed focused Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness programs for seafarers, through an innovative web and mobile enabled online platform. This platform is based on three major pillars: social, gratification and Rewards.

Why these pillars? Because it is possible to target relevant content specifically to the seafarer and his or her needs. An example: a seafarer with weight problems will be presented with recommended programs that specifically address this problem, towards nutrition, exercise etc…Another good reason is that it should be fun and engaging to be able to motivate the user to walk an extra mile, this is done through social networking, being able to challenge colleagues, seeing results etc.. Last but not least there should be rewards, people are motivated both to achieve a result, but also to be able get rewards. This trend towards the next generation of a more connected staff, both in relation to the work they perform and the lives they live. A 360 degree view on the employee’s well being to ensure that focus is based on the right initiatives.

These 3 pillars in combination form a solid foundation for the content and programs to get a strong foothold on the ship and in your organisation. In general you can expect a much healthier and more productive staff, you will experience a cultural change that will excite your business and your most valuable asset, your employees.

A very important notification is it that the Seafarer decides for him or herself which data should be public and which should be kept Private. This is very essential to ensure a trustworthy program that people will use.


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