Easter Message: A bright future beckons; we just need to crack the turbulence first.

An Easter Message from our Secretary-General, Capt Kuba Szymanski:


A bright future beckons; we just need to crack the turbulence first.

Look at any Easter card and you’ll see signs of hope and joy: chicks hatching, lambs frolicking in the fields and the most popular of Easter symbols, an egg. The egg at Easter is a sign of anticipation, a sign that new life can break out of the darkness. When we give someone an Easter egg, we’re really saying: ‘hold out hope!’ Think beyond the delicious chocolate and we are also saying: ‘thanks bulk carriers!’- Just think about how many cocoa beans are shipped around the world.

As Easter marks new beginnings, let us not forget this year it marks three years to the day since the Sewol ferry disaster. As we continually strive to keep our industry safe, we are sometimes reminded of the realities of our role in the global supply network. By working together and putting best practices into motion we are creating a sustainable industry, fit for generations to come.

Whatever culture or creed you are from; let this time of year bring optimism and a renewed sense of drive.

Have a wonderful Easter.


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