Peru flood advice

Members, ship managers and the maritime community,

Please see below a message our Secretary-General received this afternoon (Sunday 19 March) regarding the recent floods in Peru.

We are working with the industry to see what we as an Association and Industry can do to help.


Dear Kuba


I am very sorry to inform you that, as you must know, here in Peru we are facing the worst floods at our history at almost all our coast and inlands this has

 caused a critical situation , and we are now facing water restriction and food supply restrictions.

Supply of  Potable water at houses has been seriously affected , and we do not expect to have water supply for vessel also food supply has been

critically  cut  due roads has been destroyed, Lima is also facing his problem, due to this we are sending  below communication to vessels arrving

 to Peruvian Ports.


I will appreciate to please send tou our associates with vesels heading to Peru in order they take appropiate measures.


Dear sirs


Due to the worst floods at our History that have affected most of the principal Cities.

Peru is now facing lack of water, water por the people at houses has been restricted and there will not be water supplie for vessels as usual.


Please take all appropriate measures in order to arrive with enough water at Peru and  ration same.

Please be advise also that is

Not safe to go travel outside  Port areas to places near rivers due this is a critical situation.


Will keep you informed


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