InterManager’s response to MEPC70

InterManager, the third party and in-house ship management trade association, has welcomed the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) decision that shipping must meet marine fuel sulphur limits of 0.5% by 2020.

Speaking soon after delegates at the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) 70 agreed on this historic decision, InterManager President Bjørn Jebsen said: “It is good that the IMO has clarified the date of implementation now, rather than postpone it until next year. However, with a number of IMO member states expressing concern over the availability of fuel oil in some regions around the globe and the ability of country’s refineries to respond adequately, the industry must be cautious and address the possible risks and efficiencies as we move to more environmentally-conscious practices.

“As the industry prepares to adapt to meet these changes, we must use the next three years effectively to ensure a strategic approach to the change in supply of marine fuels.”


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