Top Ten Maritime News Stories 09/08/2016

Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 09/08/2016

1. Heaviest Ship on Sea Trials
On Saturday, the world’s largest vessel by displacement sailed from Rotterdam on sea trials. The "Pioneering Spirit", a topsides removal/installation vessel, completed her lifting system commissioning last week and set sail for a series of sea trials. Her owner, Allseas, says that she will conduct the trials through August, including several removal and installation evolutions in various sea states.
2. The True Scale of Port Risks
A risk management company RMS has highlighted ports around the world pose a high insurance risk. The analysis shows that while the riskiest two ports are in Japan (Nagoya — $2.3 billion) and China (Guangzhou — $2 billion). Six of the ten ports most at risk are in the U.S. with Asia-Pacific and European ports also a major concern. Losses are based on a 500-year return period, and include cargo type, storage locations and type, and dwell times. 
3. Cruise Doctor Pretence
A nurse who fraudulently identified himself as a doctor and found employment on an Aida cruise ship has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for "the deprivation of liberty associated with anesthesia, fraud, forgery and abuse of title."  The man, identified in the German press as Denny H., had worked for a decade as a nurse in a hospital, receiving some success and praise. However, he created false accreditations for himself as an anesthesiologist. 
4. War What is it Good For…
For all the focus on terrorism, one of the most striking features of the last decade is that the risk of war between the world’s major countries has returned. For the first time since the fall of the Berlin wall, military thinkers in the United States, Europe and Asia are putting serious thought into what such a conflict might look like. U.S.-based think tank RAND Corporation has unveiled its latest thinking on a potential clash between the United States and China. 
5. Cleanup and Removal Operation
The removal of "TS Taipei", a TS Line containership which ran aground near Keelung in March, has been completed following five months of cleanup and ship removal operations. The ship parts have been transported to CSBC’s Keelung Shipyard for further disposal. TS Taipei ran aground on March 10 and split into two parts on March 24, causing an oil spill.
6. Unpaid Crew Could Leave
Since April, the "Newlead Castellano" has been anchored off the Georgia coast, near Savannah — with a crew on board that couldn’t come ashore. Now, after several motionless months, the Filipino sailors are close to heading home. The auction of the ship is bringing an end to what has been called a "shameful story of crew neglect."  The cargo ship had been seized by U.S. marshals because its owners had stopped paying on their loans. 
7. New Ballast Rules Down Under
P&I Club members are being advised of recent developments concerning ballast water regulations in Australia. The Australian government has announced that from 16 June 2016, new requirements for ships engaged in international voyages will be enacted under the auspices of the ‘Biosecurity Act 2015’. A section of the act concerns ballast water on international voyages and ensures the implementation of the IMO’s ‘Ballast Water Management Convention’. 
8. Seafarer Registration Online
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is set to implement the online registration system for Filipino seafarers. Existing Seafarers Registration Certificates (SRC) are set to be replaced by an online seafarer registry starting September 15. “This shall remove long lines at POEA offices for the SRCs issued to seafarers for easy access of personal records and efficient processing of employment documents,” noted the Resolution dated August 4.

9. Rig Risks Running Aground
In extremely windy conditions last night the semi-submersible drilling rig Transocean Winner detached from the tug "Alp Forward" and now risks running aground off the Scottish island of Lewis. There are no personnel onboard the rig and there is no risk to life, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said. A spokesman said the tow line had parted and, due to the severe weather conditions, was unable to reconnect the tow line.
10. Tankers in Collision
Two tankers, the Panama-flagged "Eastern Phoenix" and Japanese "Keihin Maru 8", collided off Japan’s port of Kehin, Prefecture of Kanagawa, on Sunday, less than two nautical miles from the coast, according to local media. The 5,025 dwt product tanker Eastern Phoenix was slightly damaged, and remained afloat without water ingress. Tanker Keihin Maru 8 was breached in fore port, which caused it to flood and partially sink.

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