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Sleepiness – Fatigue. Project Martha


Maritime Digested findings


28th June Consortium of 7 partners completed 3 years long study fully supported by TK Foundation.


Busy Maritime Executives don’t have time to read long papers therefore please find below “marinised summary”


  1. There is a crucial difference between SLEEPINESS AND FATIGUE. Sleepiness is short term and can easily be fixed by …. Sleeping!

Fatigue is a longterm phenomenon and is much more difficult to combat as it is a complex process.

Stress leads to fatigue by “draining” the individuals’ batteries; a number of different stressors can therefore contribute to fatigue

  1. Not sleeping for 18 hours, especially for a few days “on the trot”, has the same effect as being “under the influence” of alcohol.
  2. the stressors that contribute to Fatigue. Evidence:
  • Not being relieved on time regardless of the length of the contract. The very fact that an individual is waiting for the end of the tour and learns that he/she will not be going home is having a detrimental effect.
  • Bullying – both onshore and on board. Problem is rarely recognised in the industry
  • Accident onboard – this saps a lot of the individual’s energy
  • Bureaucracy – especially menial paperwork demanded by organisations on shore, which creates a lot of additional frustration.
  • Interpersonal relations between:People on board; Ship and office; Ship and port; Ship and charterer/cargo owner
  • Inadequate conditions onboard – high temperature in cabins, uncomfortable bunk, noise and vibration – all contributing to poor sleep, hence eroding “reset ability”
  • Inadequate diet
  • Poorly organised port stay – an overabundance of incompatible goals and tasks
  • Lack of sleep!



InterManager has embarked on the path of engaging the industry. Two workshops have been organised so far and more are scheduled.

The idea is that those who are really at the “sharp end” could realise that they ARE IMPORTANT and SHOULD / COULD play a crucial role in mitigating fatigue at sea.


What surprised me most when participating in this great project? A number of things, including:


  1. Seafarers believe that they sleep more than they actually do (on average 10-20% of seafarers?)
  2. Captains sleep more than the urban myth would have it, but still not enough to be “fully charged”. Captains suffer more from long term fatigue than other crew and believe they are more fatigued at the end of the voyage.
  3. The 2/0 gets the worst sleeping patterns and therefore the least hours of sleep
  1. Watchkeepers sleep far less than those working during the day – what surprised me was the fact that it was so clearly pronounced in the project findings
  2. Nobody on board has enough sleep – what really surprised me was that NOBODY gets adequate rest.
  3. Seafarers fall asleep much quicker than the average person ashore.
  4. Quality of sleep deteriorates the more time spend onboard
  5. Ships involved in Ocean Passages with many time zones crossed over short period of time expose their crews to jet lag. I would have never said that.
  6. On average bulk carriers crews sleep 7.2 hours a day, tankers 6.4 hours and containers 6.2 hours. This came as a big surprise as I would put Tankers as the most deprived of sleep and Containers least.
  7. Very few of the participants highlighted need of improved communication as a factor mitigating Fatigue – they rather concentrated on factors mentioned above.


Research demographics:

Conducted onboard of 400 Bulk Carriers (worldwide trade)

43 Chemical carriers – very busy in Europe, with frequent port calls

34 Big Container Ships – trans-ocean voyages with very busy beginning and end of the trip

40 Oil tankers (worldwide trade)

1049 Seafarers were interviewed

Seafarers were asked to keep their journal (record book), but also were wearing Actiwatches which recorded their sleep and active periods.



Last Week:

28 June – Warsash – MARTHA Project – Project Delivery – Capt.Kuba Szymanski representing InterManager

29-30 June – Cardiff – SIRC – Capt. Kuba Szymanski representing InterManager

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Working from the Isle of Man

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Working from the Isle of Man


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14 September – London – ‘Respect, Responsibility and Remedy in the Maritime Environment’

The International Maritime Human Rights Conference, taking place on 14 September at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, is a ground-breaking event which, focusing on the title “Respect, Responsibility and Remedy in the Maritime Environment”, will openly tackle human rights requirements, abuses and protections in the maritime industry.



9th Arctic Shipping Summit, 21-22 September 2016, London.
Contact person: Piotr Baziuk, +48 616 467 025, pbaziuk@acieu.net
Follow us on twitter @Arctic_Shipping


Asia Pacific Marine Conference 2016 is back to Singapore on 6th October. Hear from experts on regulatory affairs, technological developments, LNG & more. APMC 2016 is supported by INTERMANAGER, ASF, SSI & ICS. Key players DNVGL, RINA, ORBCOMM, JTJB & CYBERMARINE are sponsoring the event. Visit www.apacmarineconference.com


4-7 October 2016 The 19th Singapore International Bunkering Conference and Exhibition (SIBCON) , Resorts World Sentosa,

Singapore Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is pleased to announce that a refreshed and invigorated programme will include new formats, cutting edge presentations, innovative exhibition hall features and as always, opportunities to do business.

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19th & 20th of October 2016,London, UK  19th Maritime HR & Crew Management Summit

Conference Fee:          Full Price £1495

Link to the Website: http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/maritime-hr-crew-management-europe/  

Link to the Agenda:  http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/03/MHRe11-MKG-Agenda.pdf


ACI’s 19th Maritime HR & Crew Management will focus on how shipping companies have successfully coped with the increasing demands of regulations and technology on the modern seafarer’s skill set. Crew competence has never been more highly valued and in today’s climate making sure valuable crew are retained is an absolute priority. Join us in London to learn more of how ship operators are meeting this challenge.

Key Topics:

  • Regulatory Updates & Requirements
  • Crew Competence & Attitude
  • Sourcing, Leadership & Retention of Crew
  • Insurance Challenges connected to Seafarers
  • Cross Training of Seafarers on Various Types of Vessels
  • Challenges of Seafarer Travel
  • Crew Education & Difference
  • Cohesion Between Ship & Shore
  • Technology in HR & Crew Development
  • Who Should Be Attending?


For 15% members/subscribers discounted registration or for the updated brochure, please contact Mohammad Ahsan on +44 (0)20 3141 0606 or mahsan@acieu.net


2 November 2016  – London 6th Capital Link Operating Excellence in Shipping Forum

Senior Executives from leading shipping companies, charterers and financiers will discuss how the implementation of Best Industry Practices translates into tangible commercial, operational and financial competitive advantages. Organized In Cooperation with the Danish & the Norwegian Shipowners Associations.

Mr. Jeremy Penn, Chief Executive of Baltic Exchange presented with Capital Link Maritime CSR Award.



9th-10th November 2016   16th Ballast Water Management Summit

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Website: http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/ballast-water-management-conference-europe/

For registration & more information, please contact:

Piotr Baziuk, +48 616 467 025, pbaziuk@acieu.net



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