Top Ten Maritime News Stories 24/02/2016

Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 24/02/2016

1. Collision Ship Arrested
The container ship "MV Olf" was arrested by Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency for accident in Singapore Strait a few days ago. The vessel was detained by patrol boat of local authorities and escorted to anchorage on 2.7 nautical miles off the coast. The vessel was suspected by hit and run accident in Singapore Strait off Batu Ayam in Malaysia, making collision with two tankers Tina 7 and Straits 3. The container ship fled the scene of the accident.
2. Nigerian Piracy Fears
With the recovery of the product tanker "Maximus" (ex name SP Brussels), highlighting the growing risk of piracy in the region it seems the incident corresponds closely with the predictions of global risk advisors. The firm PGI Intelligence, has released a memo warning that hijackings – with intent to kidnap – are set to rise in the Gulf of Guinea. PGI cites Nigerian corruption, political change and insurgent groups as risk factors for piracy in the region.

3. China Acts on Emissions
The China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has issued a guidance notice on China’s new Emission Control Areas (ECAs), detailing the requirements for ships calling ports within ECAs and consequences of non-compliance. In cases of non-compliance, the consequences of warning education, correction of breaches, or detention, in addition to the possibility of fines are said to be possible.
4. Guards Face Logic Leaps
Where logic dies, can justice prevail? That is the question which the incarcerated Advanfort guards must be asking themselves now after the appeal seeking to set aside the sessions court order came up for hearing. The guards claimed that they were innocent and they possessed weapons for anti-piracy activities. But, the state public prosecutor claimed, "There was no piracy in the Indian Ocean…so, where is the question of preventing it?" Or perhaps they were?
5. Box Ship Damaged at Sea
The container carrier Helgafell suffered damages and lost containers during storm in North Atlantic. The cargo ship was en route from Reykjavik and Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland to Immingham in UK, but during the passage was met by strong wind gusts and big swell. The container ship Helgafell lost several containers into the ocean and suffered sufficient damages into layers, secure lines and railings. There were no injured people during the accident.
6. BBQ Meets IQ
It might appear self-evident that using paint thinner to light a barbecue onboard a merchant vessel is a bad idea. However, it appears this is exactly what some crew have been doing resulting serious consequences with seafarers suffering second and third degree burns. The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) issued a circular last week warning that it was important to recognise the dangers of shipboard barbecues.

7. Companies Worry About Fitness
Seafaring these days has become ever more sedate, much of the daily rituals onboard are now taken up looking at screens, waiting for lights to pop up or buzzers to bleep. According to some executives, on the occasions they visit their ships they are beginning to notice the poor shape of many sailors. Owners have to acknowledge the risks of poor diets and limited exercise. Obesity is a far greater threat than alcohol onboard.
8. New Contract for Spill Response
BIMCO and the International Spill Control Organisation, ISCO, began work last week on developing a standard contract for the hire of spill response services and equipment. While salvage experts will secure a ship that has become a casualty and prevent pollution or further pollution from occurring, the cleaning-up operation is undertaken by separate contractors. At present, there is no single standard contract for the hire, so it is an important step.
9. Owners Shedding Tonnage
The new building market is at a lull these days, as ship owners are focusing on two fronts, getting rid of excess dry bulk tonnage and snapping up bargains at the second hand sales market, while tanker owners are mostly riding out the current wave of economic uncertainty, as a result of the slowing down of the world’s economy and the newly added fear of a Brexit.
10. Carbon War Room Advances
Six leaders and influencers from across the shipping industry will join global NGO Carbon War Room’s (CWR’s) Shipping Operation Advisory Board. Their backgrounds span the shipowning, chartering, technical analysis, finance, and academic worlds. The board will lend extensive industry insight and support CWR’s mission to profitably decarbonise the international shipping industry. 

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