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It is extremely important for us to know what our seafarers think and how they rate different services. Could we kindly ask you to help us in distributing this ITF Seafarers Trust survey regarding Welfare Services available in port.



The issues that have been described have been recognized by MEPC as well and at its 68th session, the Committee  agreed to a Roadmap for the implementation of the BWM Convention, which addresses many of the concerns raised. The Road map inter alia states that “Shipowners who have installed, maintained and operated correctly BWMS approved in accordance with the Guidelines (G8) (MEPC.174(58)) should not be required to replace these systems, for the life of the ship or the system, whichever comes first, due to occasional lack of efficacy for reasons beyond the control of the shipowner and ship’s crew.” This could include situations where sediment loads or other environmental conditions exceed what the BWMS is capable of handling. However, it would still remain the shipowner’s/crew’s responsibility to be aware of the limitations of the BWMS on board before entering areas with conditions that the BWMS cannot handle.

The Roadmap also states that “The port State, flag State and shipowner should work together to agree on the most appropriate solution to allow for the discharge of ballast water found to be non-compliant”  and furthermore MEPC 68 agreed that contingency measures in this regard are to be developed. There is no doubt that in the latter case more work is needed and I have just returned from a conference in the RoK where the issue of contingency measures was identified as needing more work.

Indeed, Sediments are problematic, not only due to filter clogging and UV transmittance, but also because they accumulate in ballast tanks and provide a suitable habitat for many organisms and resting stages in the ballast tanks. In this regard, the IMO has developed Guidelines on design and construction to facilitate sediment control on ships (G12). But more importantly for the situations described, the Guidelines for ballast water management and the development of ballast water management plans (G4) recommend that every effort should be made to avoid the uptake of sediments when loading ballast.

Therefore, answer to InterManager question regarding blocked filter would be: if it is possible to avoid ballasting in areas with a very high sediment load or otherwise problematic water qualities, then ships should try to do so.

Finally, in accordance with regulation A-3 of the BWM Convention, the requirements of the Convention would not apply to ballast water uptake or discharges necessary for the purpose of ensuring the safety of a ship in emergency situations or saving life at sea.


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17th November – Dalian – China – MARTHA PROJECT MEETING – Prof. Mike Barnett representing InterManager

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Still working from US.

23 November – 2 December, IMO, London, Assembly – Capt. Paddy McKnight attending.

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09-10 December – London – 5th Ship Maintenance Conference – Kuba Szymanski chairing

11th December – Warsash – Fatigue Workshop – Kuba Szymanski attending representing InterManager along with, Vships, Bibby’s, Exmar, Columbia and Bernard Schulte


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Brgds Kuba
Capt. Kuba Szymanski
Secretary General


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