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Important notice – Airport Transit Visa for PH and CF nationals

Dear Travel Partner,

We hereby inform you that effective 15July 2015, nationals of the Philippines and Central African Republic, including passengers travelling with a Marine or Offshore ticket, need an Airport Transit Visa (ATV) to transit through France to another non-Schengen country.


Standard exemptions from ATV apply:


Þ holders of a valid visa issued by Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland (Rep.), Japan, Romania, USA or United Kingdom traveling to any non-Schengen Member State


Þ those returning from Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland (Rep.), Japan, Romania, USA or United Kingdom after having used the visa and traveling to any non-Schengen Member State


Þ holders of a Residence Permit issued by Andorra, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland (Rep.), Japan, Romania, San Marino, United Kingdom or USA.


ATV processing for SEMN passengers are currently being discussed. We shall update you with any development.
In general and for all types of passengers it is recommended that those nationals have a valid short stay visa (C type visa).

Please note that holders of Schengen visas transiting to a Schengen country do not require an ATV.






Major players from global shipowning, shipmanagement and associated service industries such as satellite communications and P&I insurance are among the confirmed speakers at the 2nd International Shipowning and Shipmanagement Summit (ISSS), to be held during London International Shipping Week 2015.


Chaired by Alastair Evitt, past-InterManager President and now Marine Operations Director, Southern Europe for V. Ships, ISSS will focus on the relationship between ship owners and ship managers and ask pertinent questions such as: Is it a marriage made in heaven?


Confirmed speakers include:
·         Captain Norbert Aschmann, CEO, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

·         Professor Mike Barnett, Southampton Solent University

·         Bob Bishop, Executive Director, V.Group

·         DGS Marine Group

·         Dubai Maritime City

·         Alastair Evitt, Marine Operations Director, V.Ships

·         Roberto Giorgi, V.Ships

·         Andrias Justinussen, Boston Consulting Group

·         Martin Kits van Heyningen, President and CEO KVH Industries

·         Olav Norton, CEO, Thome Group

·         Chris Stone, COO, Bibby Shipmanagement

·         Captain Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General, InterManager

·         Dr Stavros Tsolakis, MPA Visiting Professor of Maritime Economics

Session one will kick off by looking at whether ship owners need third party managers as much as managers need owners. It will delve into how professional the industry relationship is, given the market constraints. Also is the right message actually being sold when it comes to highlighting the importance of both sectors? These queries will be addressed by a panel and then opened up for a Q&A.
Moving on, the next session will pose the question: The Paradigm Shift: Can Owners Achieve What They Need? It will tackle head-on the key debate about the importance of private equity in today’s shipowning and shipmanagement sectors and how such funding will shape future growth and development. A panel debate will also ignite the question of a paperless ship and how the reality can be achieved.

The third session will focus on the major concerns that today’s seafarers are not up to the job and question the reasons behind it. For example, is it all about training or does the onboard operational mind set of the Master and his crew need to change? And where does the shore-based manager fit into all of this? The panellists will also discuss the difficulties of combating the unworkable dilemma of minimum manning.
The final session discusses whether shipowning and shipmanagement is as much about inspirational leadership as it is about market forces. Key leaders in shipmanagement will debate the thorny subject of where tomorrow’s leaders are coming from.


ISSS is organised by Shipping Innovation and InterManager. It will take place on Tuesday 8th September, 9am-5pm, and will be held at the offices of Norton Rose Fulbright, 3 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AQ.


A welcome ISSS reception, sponsored by DGS Marine, will be held the previous evening at the same venue.
More information can be gleaned from our website https://goo.gl/i2OzA7

To register visit: https://www.londoninternationalshippingweek.com/event/the-2nd-annual-international-shipowning-shipmanagement-summit/

InterManager members please use code: intermanager50 (case sensitive) to enjoy discount.



KPI System News Notification

Since BIMCO took ownership of the Shipping KPI System, providing shipowners and managers with an online tool for comparing their ships’ efficiency against the performance of the industry as a whole and against sector averages, there has been a steady flow of registrations from new users.

All BIMCO owner members, full members of InterManager, as well as owners and managers, who are not members of the two organisations, are encouraged to sign up to the BIMCO Shipping KPI System.

BIMCO is providing the Shipping KPI System free of charge to its members (aside from a nominal set-up fee for new users) as well as for full members of Inter-manager. Non-members, who manage, operate or own ships, are subject both to a registration free and an annual subscription.

The Shipping KPI System is currently based on a standard of 64 different performance indicators to allow the most specific and accurate comparison of ships – within each segment and more broadly across the industry.  All the data collected is kept anonymously in order not to compromise any commercially sensitive information.

BIMCO is working on establishing both a Steering group and an Expert group to oversee and ensure that the Shipping KPI system is continuously developed to fulfil both current and future needs of registered users. This will entail not only the redesign of the website: https://www.shipping-kpi.org but also an improvement of the registration process and the identification of new, appropriate KPIs.

For further information, please visit the following links:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – https://www.shipping-kpi.org/faq

Pricing – https://www.shipping-kpi.org/pricing

BIMCO https://www.bimco.org/Technical/Shipping_KPI_System.aspx




Last Week:

Administrative works

This Week:

Administrative works

Looking forward:

Summer Break in Shipping industry



Discounts and offers for members:
Special 15% discount for InterManager members in the Piraeus GLAROS Hotel. The Hotel Management has confirmed it is willing to offer InterManager members (15%) off its internet prices if booked from their web site, www.glaros-hotel.gr/ This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. You only need to mention you are an “InterManager member” in the “Comments and Special Requests” section of the web site and/or mention your company is an “InterManager member” when you check into the hotel.


Name: 12th Ballast Water Management Summit

Location: Singapore
Dates: 16th -17th September 2015
Contact Name:  Mohammad Ahsan
Contact Telephone:  +44 (0) 203 141 0606
Contact E-mail: [email protected]

Website Link: http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/conferences/eu-mbw12.asp

Agenda Link:


15% Discount Code for members / subscribers: MBW12MA15




Essential Guide for Shipowners: Preparing Plans for Selection, Installation and Operating BWT Systems

ACI’s 12th Ballast Water Management 
has taken a forefront position on the agenda of many ship owners & operators as more and more states continue to ratify the IMO Ballast Water Convention. The 12th Ballast Water Management Summit will provide you with an overview from key regulators and classification societies, case studies of ship owners’ operational experiences and their implementation experiences through the process of selection and integration of ballast water systems. This year, there will be greater comparison between different technologies to give a better overview of available systems and expert guidance on your selection process.




  • Install Ballast Water Management System Now or Wait for IMO Ratification
  • Operations in US Waters: What You Need to Know
  • IMO Assembly adjustments to the implementation of the Ballast Water Management Convention
  • Alternate Management System (AMS): What are Your Options?
  • Exemptions from ballast water management requirements
  • What are the Alternatives to Ballast Water Management: Ballast Free Ships?
  • Long-Term Maintenance Plans for Ballast Water Management Systems
  • Crew Training: Efficient Use of Ballast Water Management Systems


For more information & registration, please contact Mohammad Ahsan on +44 (0) 203 141 0606 or [email protected]


Ballast Water Management Technology North America
24 – 25 September 2015, Miami
Overcoming regulatory barriers and reducing shipowner risk


Join our 2015 BWMTech community and meet 120+ key industry players from across the globe, network with 80+ shipowners and receive 14+ hours of content to find the solutions that you need.

Quote VIP code FKT2892IMNL to save 20%


Green Ship Technology North America
17 – 18 November 2015, Washington DC
Harmonising global industry regulations and promoting sustainability in shipping


Attend GST North America and meet 250+ green shipping professionals, hear from 60+ expert speakers and gain a unique opportunity to network with our Green Ship Technology community.

Quote VIP code FKT2946IMNL to save 20%


17-25th October 2015 The next Ship Superintendents’ Training Course the Isle of Man is now confirmed , on. Attracting delegates from all areas within the industry, this excellent foundation in maritime operations covers 43 topics ranging from dry-docking to legal issues and insurance. For further information contact [email protected] or visit www.emcs.co.im


ACI’s 3rd Port Security Summit will be taking place in Bremen, Germany on the 25th & 26th of November 2015. The event also includes a site visit to the Bremen/Bremerhaven Port on 24th November for a limited number of conference attendees.
Delegates will be drawn from Chief Security Officers, Head of Port Security, Terminal/ Container Managers, Safety and Security Managers, Operations and Maintenance Managers, Harbour Masters, Head of Supply Hain Security, Cargo Security Managers, Ministers of Shipping and Defence and those in similar roles.

The Event will also be attended by Port & Vessel Equipment Manufacturers, Port Security Solution providers, and I.T Suppliers showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies.

For further information or to register your attendance contact:

Rohan Baryah

Tel: + 48 6164 67022

Email: [email protected]

Please click here to check the latest agenda >> AGENDA

InterManager members are entitled to 10% discount

Brgds Kuba
Capt. Kuba Szymanski
Secretary General




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