Top Ten Maritime News Stories 26/06/2015

Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 26/06/2015


1. Libyan Planes Strike Again

Warplanes deployed by Libya’s internationally recognized government bombed an oil tanker at a terminal controlled by the nation’s rival Islamist leaders, killing one person, the regional coastguard commander said.

The Anwaar Afriqya, carrying fuel from Greece, was attacked while anchored to offload the cargo for a power plant in the coastal region of Sirte. The airstrike wounded another person and set the vessel on fire.




2. Piracy is Evolving and Still Dangerous

SaveOurSeaFarers says there are 38 people currently held hostage around the world. 140 hostages were taken in the first three months of this year, three times as many as over the same period last year, and the vast majority were released after the robbery was finished. But as the world has focused on East Africa, it failed to tackle piracy in the Gulf of Guinea or prevent the resurgence of maritime crime in South East Asia.




3. Northern Routes Increase CO2

Increased use of the Northern Sea Route is expected to slightly increase CO2 emissions. Although the much shorter shipping distances will reduce the emissions associated with water transportation, these gains are offset by a combination of higher trade volumes and a shift to emission-intensive production in Northeast Asia. Analysts predict an increase in global emissions of 14.2 million MT CO2 as a result.



4. Freight Rates Fall Again

Shipping freight rates on the world’s busiest route, from Asia to Northern Europe, fell by the largest percentage amount since 2008, reflecting wild volatility in the market as vessel operators fight overcapacity. Rates for transporting containers from Asia to Northern Europe plunged 32.5 percent to $444 per 20-foot container (TEU) in the week ended on Friday. "The drop in freight rates is witness to the brutal price competition.



5. IMO Stresses Boundaries

The IMO has emphasized the importance of widespread ratification of international conventions relating to marine pollution at a workshop on trans-boundary maritime environmental pollution. Ratification of the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) was one of the treaties highlighted by IMO Reps on a visit to Australia.



6. Loss of Superyacht Crew

Final heartbreaking messages between a mother and her son will be presented this week to an inquest into the death of a 22-year-old who drowned after he fell from a £65m superyacht. Michael Hanlon, known to his friends as Milo, was making his first voyage as a crew member on Faith, a yacht owned by Lawrence Stroll, a billionaire Canadian fashion magnate, from St Martin in the Caribbean to Antibes in southern France.



7. Tackling Tech and Cyber Issues

Merchant vessels are continuously becoming bigger and getting more electronic systems. Seafarers often depend on technology data more than their own skills, knowledge, and senses. Crews are becoming smaller as computer systems are being used for navigation, as well as for rapid unloading, handling, and tracking of goods at ports. Unfortunately, these systems are also highly vulnerable to cyber threats.




8. Standard Club Manages to Remain Steady

The Standard P&I Club reported a stable ‘breakeven’ underwriting performance in 2014-15, combined with conservative, selective growth.  Tonnage increased by 3% to 135 mill gt from 131 mill GT. This increase was achieved in spite of a small reduction in tonnage at renewal, as some members were not renewed, due either to unacceptable operating standards or to an unwillingness to align premiums paid with risk.




9. Malta Flag Looks at Seafarers

Transport Malta is set to carry out a survey in order to gather the number of seafarers serving on Malta registered vessels. The survey is to be carried out as at the end of June and December of each year and it is crucial that the required data reaches Transport Malta within one month of the six-month period when the survey is conducted. A notice regarding this survey was issued to ship owners, ship operators, managers.




10. Iran Embraces Naval Opportunities

Iran plans to hold joint naval exercises with Kazakhstan, Russia and Oman, says the Islamic Republic’s Navy commander.  “As Iran’s Navy dispatches its fleets to other countries, it also plans to hold joint naval maneuvers,” Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said on Monday. He said the Iranian Navy is prepared to stage joint drills with flotillas of other countries which enter Iranian waters.




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