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Last week

26-27 November in Manila – 15th annual Asia-Pacific Manning & Training – President Gerardo Borromeo Chairing conference, Capt. Kuba Szymanski Chairing HR Panel.

This Week:

01-05 December – IMO – London – Council – Capt. Paddy McKnight representing InterManager

Looking forward:

14-15 December – Palm Springs US – TK Foundation Board meeting – Capt. Kuba Szymanski Attending 





15th Manning and Training Conference – Manila

500+ people in the room. Representation from almost all walks of Shipping Industry.

Main Subjects hotly debated:

  1. MLC – ship managers and ship owners did not see quality improvement but participants agreed that those attending conferences like this one are likely to say that. Problem are those who are not attending and are definitely not the TOP Quality shipping companies.
  2. Equal opportunities for women in shipping. Necessity of Best Practice of employment of different genders was in my opinion very clear.
  3. Cadets and generation Y – their views and older generation perceptions discussed and acknowledged.
  4. MARINA report by Max Meija – very impressive report, showing what has been done so far and very clear and concise plan for the next 12 months
  5. It was great to see full support from both Filipino Congress and Senate
  6. Challenges Shipping is likely to face in coming years:
    1. Massive amount of new regulations
    2. Shortage of cheap, good quality seafarers
    3. Image of our Industry
    4. Lack of respect for seafarers will have negative effect on recruitment
    5. Fatigue on board
    6. Bureaucracy on board and on shore
  7. Training issues – very good presentation from CBT providers
  8. Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan – Shipping industry passed the test with flying colours. We were quick and decisive in our responses.
  9. Tasks for CSR in shipping industry. Best practices shared by different companies
  10. Implementation of STCW Manila amendments – where is the shipping industry.
  11. Seafarers health – need for further studies
  12. Importance of proper food on board.
  13. Possibility of unmanned ships – debate won by those who believe that indeed Unmanned ships will be with us rather sooner than later.

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8-9 December 2014, The Congress Centre, London, BWMTech conference

Essential ballast water management guidance to prepare shipowners for Convention enforcement

Shipowner perspective from Saga Shipholding, Canada Steamship Lines, Van Oord and German Shipowners’ association. Review 10 years of testing BWMS and the effectiveness of compliance testing toolkits. Quote VIP code: FKT2752SSWB for a 20% discount. For more information: http://www.informamaritimeevents.com/FKT2752IMWL


10-11 December 2014, Salvage and Wreck Removal Conference, London        

InterManager members can save 25% when quoting VIP Code FKT2694ISUAM


17 – 18 February 2015, RoRo Shipping Conference, Gothenburg

Attend for commercial, operational and regulatory solutions for 2015 and beyond.

Gain feedback from DFDS, Scandalines and UECC, explore emissions enforcements and assess RoRo’s position in the intermodal supply chain, with shippers’ perspectives.


InterManager members please quote VIP code FKT2849IMEB to save 20%


Brgds Kuba
Capt. Kuba Szymanski
Secretary General InterManager

+44 7624 498 266
web: www.intermanager.org


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