GVF And InterManager Launch Glossary of Maritime Communications Terms

LONDONDuring the Informa VSAT 2014 conference in London today, the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) announced the launch of its Maritime SatCom Forum (MSF) ‘Glossary’. The document, earlier iterations of which were developed by the Maritime SatCom Forum Working Group of the GVF, has been further developed by the joint-chairs of the MSF, Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development, GVF, and Roger Adamson, Chief Executive, Futurenautics.

“The ‘Glossary’ comprises a highly comprehensive A to Z of the terminology used on a daily basis by the satellite communications industry in its dialogues with one of its key customer vertical markets” commented Martin Jarrold. Mr Jarrold further remarked that having a working group, such as the MSF, which is focused on the maritime space, is a reflection of the fact that “The technology of communications and the exchange of information it facilitates has undergone a highly-accelerated development, and with such advanced communications the maritime communications service environment has now progressed fully into the broadband age. Against this evolving technology and service backdrop, the MSF has built a strong relationship with InterManager – the international association of ship managers – the Secretary General of which, Captain Kuba Szymanski, has been a constant and forthright advocate of the ‘Glossary’.”

Roger Adamson added that “The development of the ‘Glossary’ was driven by requests from the maritime customer marketplace for a detailed explanation and elaboration of the terminology commonly used by satellite communications solutions vendors, and this document will serve to improve the quality and effectiveness of discussions at the interface of the solutions seller and the solutions buyer.”

Martin Jarrold further commented, “Roger Adamson has previously collaborated with GVF in connection with the GVF-EMP Conference Partnership Broadband Maritime/Maritime Insights Conference Series and brings a wealth of maritime-related experience, as well as background knowledge of satellite communications in the maritime space.”

Following the launch of the ‘Glossary’ during today’s conference proceedings, the GVF, in collaboration with InterManager and Futurenautics, will engage in a continuing programme to disseminate the ‘Glossary’ as a key resource to enhance the future dialogues between the satellite solutions community and the maritime solutions customer environment.

Commented Captain Szymanski: “The shipping industry needs more standardisation and I am delighted to see this joint project completed. Our new ‘Glossary’ shows that it is possible to identify and agree on terms to make the industry understandable for all stake holders, with special attention to seafarers who are, ultimately, the end users.”


GVF is the single and unified voice of the global satellite industry.  Founded in 1997, it brings together organizations engaged in the delivery of advanced broadband and narrowband satellite services to consumers, and commercial and government enterprises worldwide.  Headquartered in London, GVF is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization with 230+ members from more than 100 countries.  The broad-based membership represents every major world region and every sector of the satellite industry, including fixed and mobile satellite operators, satellite network operators, teleports, satellite earth station manufacturers, system integrators, value added and enhanced service providers, telecom carriers, consultants, law firms, and users.  Contact [email protected] in the UK office, or in the US office please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

InterManager is the international trade association for the ship management industry. Its members are in-house or third party ship managers, crew managers or related organisations or businesses from throughout the shipping industry. Collectively InterManager members are involved in the management of almost 5,000 ships and responsible for more than 250,000 seafarers. InterManager is the only organisation exclusively dedicated to representing the ship management industry. It is a recognised and well-respected organisation which represents its members at international level, lobbying on their behalf to ensure their views and needs are taken into account within the world-wide maritime industry. In addition, InterManager is committed to improving transparency and governance in the shipping world and ensuring high standards are maintained throughout the ship management sector.


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