Skuld Advises: Stay On Board in Ukraine

Insurer Skuld has warned crews to stay on board vessels during calls in and around crisis-hit Crimea in the Ukraine.

As Russia tightens its grip on the area after sending in troops, Skuld’s local P&I correspondents have advised that so far the military action has not impacted on the day to day operations in ports outside of the Crimea.

This includes Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Yuzhny, Mariupol and Berdvansk.

But in nearby Kherson and the Nikolaev region, shipowners have been told it may be “prudent” to keep seafarers on board during port calls.

They have also been warned to keep within the port limits at all costs.

“Care may also be needed with respect to the ports of Kerch and Theodosia,” Skuld added.

Regarding the Crimean port of Sevastopol, Skuld said owners should seek advice from local agents.

It added: “In particular members need to consider keeping a continuous watch on developments, not least if their planned operations would see the vessel call to/from the Crimea as part of a call at a number of ports of loading or discharging.”

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