Fresh Water Analysis Certificate – Compulsory requirement in BRAZIL

One of our members reports:

Please be informed that we were notified by local Port Health Authorities, that following Brazilian Health Regulation called RDC 10-2012 all vessels calling any Brazilian ports must have on board the Fresh Water Analysis Certificate and also send records related to Cleaning and/or disinfection of Fresh Water Tanks, maintenance control and/or certificates of the last 12 months.

Please consider the present valid Health rule called RDC 10-2012 for reading, as well some ‘key points’ for consideration as follows.:

** FW Tanks Cleaning (articles 54, 55)


Article 55. Reservoirs shall be cleaned and disinfected at one (01) year intervals or after repair works and whenever contamination is suspected.


Based on above, please send FW tanks cleaning and/or disinfection records; maintenance control and/or certificates from last 12 months.

please see below questions Port Health Officer usually asks:


I – what is procedure of exhaustion of tanks?

II – what is procedure of cleaning of tanks, vertical/horizontal (Wall and bottom)

III – which product used for disinfection of empty tanks?

Attached a declaration to be filled up.

** FW Analysis Certificate (articles 50, 51, 52 and 53)


Article 50. Water available for human consumption shall have the microbiological, physical, chemical and radioactive parameters established as drinking water standards so as not to pose risks to the human health.


For those ships which don’t have said certificates, the Health Officer in charge during inward clearance will issue an official notification to the ship’s Masters to request/provide the certificate or its renewal during their port stay. Said analysis must be carried out by a specialized company duly registered onto Health Authority Dept. When required, FW analysis performed by a professional company can be provided at cost of Usd 1,300.00


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