Flag-State Liberia Helps Out Stranded ‘A Whale’ Crew

The crew who have been stranded in Suez on bankrupt Today Makes Tomorrow (TMT)’s 320,000-dwt combination carrier (OBO) A Whale (built 2010) for six months have been given fuel, but no fresh water, and more promises — but no tickets home or full pay yet.

The crew has informed TradeWinds that they have been paid May’s salary, although February, March and April’s wages are still outstanding.

Around 188 metric tons of fuel has also been delivered to the ship and the crew estimates that will keep the ship running for another one-and-a-half months.

They attribute the recent improvements to pressure applied on the owner and management by the vessel’s flag-state, Liberia.

However, no fresh water supplies have been delivered to the ship, although the crew say provisions will last another month.

In an email, the crew said: “No assurance has been made for repatriation of the crew members, who are due for sign off by the company.”

Liberia is pushing for the owner and management to arrange repatriation and may be ready to step in to help the men get home.

“We hope that our management and owner will show some positive response with regard to crew repatriation also,” the crew said.

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