IMO Regional Port Reception Facilities Workshop, Antwerp 26-29 November

• Subject:
Port Reception Facilities (PRF) for ship-generated waste and wash water containing cargo residues:
o adequacy issue: availability and necessity of providing PRF in ports, anchorages and terminals
o capacity building
o port waste management planning
o advance waste notification
o incentives for ships to deliver
o downstream waste treatment
o link with Basel Convention
• Interactive session (incl. hands-on exercise) and visits to port reception facility and downstream waste treatment facility
Workshop organised by IMO with assistance of REMPEC and Port of Antwerp.
Delegates from South Mediterranean and Middle East Countries gathered in Antwerp to learn best practices in Port Reception Facilities and to share their own experiences.
Speakers included representatives from:
EU Commission
Private Sector
Member States of European Union
Basel Convention
Last day of the workshop – field trip to Port Reception Facilities – MARPOBEL/ BOS and Downstream Waste Treatment Facility.
Conclusions from the workshop as agreed by the participants:
– Internal communication between all stake holders at national level and port community level as well as between reception facilities and treatment facilities needs improvement.
– Common understanding at national level through national capacity building efforts leading to national legal and operational framework for full implementation of MARPOL (ITCP)
– Need to conduct similar workshop at the national level taking into consideration language used in the region or sub-region.
– Commitment to full ratification and implementation of MARPOL at both Policy and Operational level.
– Development of the financial strategy to ensure sustainability of the adequate functioning of port reception facilities
– Need for cooperation at sub-regional level for resource mobilisation.
– Need for knowledge transfer and promotion of Best Practices
– Importance of balance between the Capacity of Port Reception Facilities and use by ships (assessment survey and gap analysis deemed as best way forward)
– Importance of mobile reception facilities as a sustainable solution.
– It was agreed that a Pilot Project might be the best forward for some participating countries.

Capt Kuba Szymanski reported: “It was great to see and participate in the workshop which created an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas, demonstrated Best Industry Practice and facilitated a drive for self improvement. It has to be said, however, that not all countries have adequate Port Reception Facilities and those who believe they have still miss input from one major player – the SHIP OWNING and SHIP MANAGEMENT sector. Ship operators are reluctant to use GISIS as a reporting tool fearing retaliation.


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