Hostage Murdered

Somali pirates have killed a Syrian crewman on the hijacked Orna in a protest over a delayed ransom payment.

The gunmen also wounded another seafarer on the 27,900-dwt Orna (built 1984), a UAE-owned bulker seized off the Seychelles in 2010 with 19 crew.

Hassan Abdi, a pirate commander in Haradhere town, a key pirate center, told AFP that the killing on Wednesday was a message to shipowner Kassab Intershipping.

“The killing was a message to the owners of the ship who paid no heed to our ransom demands.

“More killings will follow if they continue to lie to us — we have lost patience with them. Two years is enough,” he said.

Last summer, pirates and hostages were forced to abandon Orna after a fire broke out.

It is thought the initial blaze broke out in the ship’s galley.


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