Leading Actor Shines A Light On Sailors’ Welfare

A Bollywood star has called for a film to be made to highlight the plight of seafarers who are victims of piracy.

Inaugurating a candlelight march this month in Mumbai, actor Prem Chopra, 76, suggested that a Hindi movie would help focus public attention on the issue.

Nearly 700 people participated in the march, which was organised by Indian firm Marex Media. The event also aimed to draw attention to the issue of lack of shore leave for sailors.

According to an official at Marex, the seafarers sent a memorandum to state-backed Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) urging it to step up the fight against piracy and relax restrictions on leave.

A number of Indian crew are among nearly 200 people currently being held captive by Somali pirates.

Deepak Shetty, interim director general of shipping, says the government fully sympathises with those affected, adding that he expects the Indian government will join international organisations in taking action to tackle piracy.


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