Teekay In Anglo Eastern Deal

Teekay is to farm out fifty of its tankers to third party ship management   in a tie-up with Hong Kong’s Anglo-Eastern
The pact will be one of the world’s biggest deals between an independent ship  management company and a shipowner.

Anglo-Eastern and Teekay confirmed the tie-up in notices sent in the past few   days to their customers.

“We have entered into a strategic partnership with Teekay Corporation,”   Anglo-Eastern chief executive Peter Cremers and chief operating officer   Marcel Liedts said in their note to clients.

The pair said the tie-up will see Anglo-Eastern “assist Teekay” in evolving   their ship management activities in a “stand-alone, cost competitive   company.”

“As a part of this alliance, the crew management and training logistics for   Teekay seafarers will be integrated with Anglo-Eastern Group companies.”

Reports in the South China Morning Post said the new company will be Teekay   majority-owned and operate under a Teekay name.

“Most of the staff will also come from Teekay but key positions and some of   the board composition will come from Anglo-Eastern in order to facilitate   proper transfer of management know-how,” the Hong Kong newspaper said.

Cremers told the South China Morning Post: “Most of the staff will be   from Teekay, but some senior positions will be taken up by Anglo-Eastern or   ex-Anglo-Eastern staff.”

Teekay controls a fleet of around 150 ships made up of LNG carriers, offshore   vessels and tankers. It operates in sixteen countries with about 6,400   seagoing and shore-based staff.

Earlier this month the shipowner eked out a first quarter profit of just $1.1m   against a loss of $29.7m a year ago.

Revenue grew to $495m from $488m, while vessel operating costs and voyage   expenses were both reduced.

  1. Arip Ismail 9 years ago

    It’s obvious the tangible and intangible benefits. Lowering SOC is the immediate short – medium term strategy. Correctly responding correctly to growing demand from the enviromentalist will be the long term level one strategy. The real challenge will be instituting and re-establish own organisation aligning with this demands and human capital is a price asset to make the passage into the unknown world possible.

  2. Gaurav 9 years ago

    What implications are going to be there on sea staff with this deal?

  3. Szymanski 9 years ago

    I would say that seastaff will now have to work with new Managers. I would expect new SMSes will appear, new “company culture”, etc., etc, the best would be ask direct question to your superintendent / manager. They may like your interest as it shows that you care 🙂


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