Pirates Seize Iranian Tanker In Gulf Of Aden

Pirates in the Gulf of Aden seized an Iranian ship on Tuesday that was carrying 30,000 tonnes of petrochemical products to North Africa, Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency has reported.

The agency did not name the ship or say how many crew were on board.

In a separate incident, the US said its forces had rescued six Iranian crew whose ship was taking on water off the coast of Iraq. The Pentagon made the announcement on Tuesday, a week after reports that US naval forces had freed 13 Iranian fishermen taken hostage by pirates in the Arabian Sea more than a month ago.

Meanwhile, tensions continue between Iran and the US and the European Union. Western governments have lodged embargoes against Iran to prevent a nuclear programme intended, Washington claims, to build nuclear weapons.

The most recent financial sanctions have hit the Iranian economy hard, prompting Tehran to threaten to block the Strait of Hormuz, a crucial corridor for oil traffic. Iran also threatened to block the USS John Stennis , the aircraft carrier whose strike group took part in the Arabian Sea rescue last week, if it re-enters the strait.


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