EU Urged To Create Combined Military Piracy Taskforce

The European Parliament is being urged to create a new series of counter piracy measures including the establishment of a multinational military unit and financial investigation team to track ransom payments.

The initiative is being pushed by MEPs Peter van Dalen of the Netherlands and Georgios Koumoutsakos of Greece.

The European Community Shipowners Association and the European Transport Workers Federation welcomed the heightened political interest, urging the parliament to give the go-ahead to co-ordinate the various EU organisations to find the political, military, legal and humanitarian solutions to the problem.

Mr van Dalen told Lloyd’s List he is confident that he will be able to secure a parliamentary debate on the subject, pushing the issue higher up the political agenda in Europe.

He has argued for the creation of a common European task force that would be able to place military personnel on board vessels passing the Horn of Africa, and will then allow other flagged vessels without a military presence to get military personnel on board.


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