Call For Global Fight Against Piracy

IUMI chief admits it took time to realise flag-state concensus on armed guards may work

The International Union of Marine Insurance has called for a stronger united international stand to combat the negative influence piracy has on global trade, writes Liz McMahon.

In his opening address at IUMI’s annual conference in Paris, president Ole Wikborg said the trade body had put its weight behind any means that would reduce the risk of piracy to seafarers, ships and cargo, including use of armed guards.

Mr Wikborg also said an increasing consensus from flag states permitting armed guards on vessels may be assisting efforts to tackle piracy.

“It took IUMI some time to get to this point, as the prevailing opinion has been that flag states should deal with this and subsequently discuss and decide through the International Maritime Organization,” he said.

Mr Wikborg also spoke of the work the IMO has undertaken over the past 12 months, saying while not all topics may be on the top priority list of the marine insurers, it was “amazing and somewhat frightening” how many of them would impact business one way or another.


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