Shipping Industry Joins InterManager For KPI Milestone

Representatives from throughout the shipping industry joined InterManager at the International Maritime Organisation’s London offices on Tuesday June 21st to celebrate the completion of the Shipping KPI Project development phase and to formally launch the project worldwide.

Following an introduction from InterManager President Alastair Evitt, presentations from Svein Sorlie, Chairman of the KPI Steering Group, George Hoyt, Chairman of InterManager’s KPI Committee, Harald Sleire from Marintek and Markus Schmitz from software developer Soft Impact explained the project’s progress and future plans to a packed audience of invited guests and IMO delegates.

The Shipping KPI Project is an industry-wide initiative which proposes a global shipping industry standard for defining, measuring and reporting information on operational performance in order to boost performance improvements internally in companies engaged in ship operation activities and provide an efficient communication platform about ship operation performance information to internal and external stakeholders through increased transparency.

Svein Sorlie told guests: “The standard developed by the Project for measurement of operational performance is already widely recognised as a ‘de facto’ industry standard”.

Outlining how the KPI “Repository” will collect and present the data, Markus Schmitz explained that the data stored will be strictly confidential and only aggregated (averages) information will be displayed to ensure individual companies or ships cannot be identified. Mr Schmitz demonstrated the benefits of the KPI Project to ship managers, highlighting how the system will advise subscribers when their inputted data reveals their performance has fallen below the industry averages. More detailed analysis is then possible to identify problem areas.

George Hoyt advised guests that the whole Shipping KPI Project is a not-for-profit industry-wide initiative which will be overseen by the newly-established KPI Purpose Trust. InterManager is seeking industry stakeholders to become trustees and InterManager Executive Committee members have pledged their financial support to the project until April 2014.

Alastair Evitt, InterManager President, praised all the InterManager members and industry stakeholders involved in the Project and thanked them for their continuing commitment to raising standards throughout the global shipping world.

Below: (from left to right) Markus Schmitz, Kuba Szymanski, George Hoyt, Alastair Evitt, Harald Sleire, Svein Sorlie.

Below: Guests and IMO Delegates at the KPI launch event

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